AGENDA 8.2.16-14.2.16

Carnival week is over and another exhausting week is coming up. Yep don’t do as if you don’t know what I am talking about…SAINT VALENTINE DAY!!

The total nightmare for single people and couples. For those who haven’t found their “Media Naranja” (half orange), the “singles” of our society is a time for loneliness, reflexion and crazyness. For those who are in love, San Valentín means spending a lot of money and probably more than one fight trying to find the middle term where both will be happy.

Is not my intention to break couples but to help them so I will give you some places where to enjoy yourselves every day of the week 😉


The best way I found to spend Monday night is on Skyscanner. Now I know what you are probably thinking, what the hell!


Well…you shouldn’t judge people so soon because there are flights to several European cities for less than 100€ return. If you want to surprise your loved one maybe you should try being original for once…


As it is typical this time of the year, you can find lots of discounts and promotions for “the special day”. There is an offer with Fever for a Spa night in the outskirts of Barcelona.


Aire de Vallromanes it’s a lovely place in an old roman village using the relaxation techniques of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Perfect place to relax mind and body, and its only 33 Euros per person so you will look like a real boss.


Middle of the week, taking it easy but warming up already for the weekend. Party people I have the perfect event for you!


Just Kidding Barcelona is a project from a Spanish girl and an English guy who enjoy making people laugh (of course, it would be very depressing to be a comedian who like to make people sad, for that purpose we already have our government representatives…).

There are several comedians every Wednesday, you just need to make it on time, grab a table, have a couple of drinks and hopefully laugh out loud (LOL).


La Festival is organizing another wine tasting. We went to their last event at La Paisana de Gracia and absolutely loved it!


The venue is spectacular and everybody is super nice, friendly and Catalán! It’s the perfect occasion to dive in the Catalan culture and meet some new people. No worries, wine always make it easier! You will need to man up though and try to understand what they are talking about 😉


One more traditional event this week in Barcelona. If you keep going to typical touristic places is just because of you want to! I keep listening to my friends talking about La Caçotada and I have to say I´m super curios.


Apparently there is this typical onion that only grows in Cataluña during a few months and people love them! They make huge festivals where the main dish is the vegetable with a romesco sauce and of course, tones of wine and cava. Fun Events Barcelona is taking it to the next level, they organize the dinner and a free entrance to PACHA !! Make sure you and your friends register here!


Even if San Valentines is on Sunday the big night to play all your cards is Saturday. If you haven’t been there yet the best recommendation I can make is El Nacional.


The place is beautiful and we love the concept. They divided the venue in several restaurants where they specialize in beer, wine, cocktails, meat, fish, etc. Make sure you book in advance!

SUNDAY 14.2.15 – SASHA BAR  

If I were you I would stay at home and get some rest because it’s The Lord´s day and you need to start the week with energy! But if you don’t want to listen to my grandma advice you can always go to Sasha Bar.

best plan for saint valentine´s night in Barcelona

Sasha Bar is one of our favorite places, those guys always surprise us with amazing drinks and plates. They have a couple menu for 60€ but I guess you can take a friend if you are single, they wont find out :p

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