AGENDA 29.1.16-5.2.16

Barcelona is the perfect city to get lost. Samuel Johnson said that “When you are tired of London you are tired of life…” and I  think that´s only because of travelling in 1777 was a bit difficult and he didn´t know Barcelona.

Barcelona is such a vibrant city with so many events and cool things to do that I cannot find time to do all I want!

As some of you already know, Guiris en Barcelona is a project that came up a couple of months ago when I moved from London to this lovely city. I am Spanish but most of my friends are expats, and to be fair, I feel like one of them most of the time. The idea of the protect clicked when I realized that there are many things going on in this city but everything is in Spanish or Catalan, thus I decided to fight a bit against the language barrier.

The plan is to propose you a different activity for every day of the week (I know, sounds exhausting!) and you can tell me if you liked it or not, if you would like to hear more about a type of event and if you enjoy my recommendations 😉

Let´s get started!

FRIDAY 29.1.16| WOW

It´s Friday B*** (sorry I couldn´t help it). You need to start the weekend in a cool place to relax after the long, long week.

Recently we were walking around Barcelona trying to find a place to have dinner and ended up at WOW restaurant in Enrique Granados 73.

best burguers and nachos in central barcelona

Their online marketing is not the best if you check them on Facebook but they have good food at affordable price. They mostly do salads, sandwiches and burgers. Their nachos are just amazing but, be careful! All the meals are huge and you end up extremely full! The location is great as well so you can go for a few drinks afterwards 😉


One thing that I discovered when I moved to Barcelona is that apparently most of the Catalan people love to Ski and it’s a big thing here! We are at the end of the winter so it’s a perfect time to spend some happy time with the snow and have some beers up there.

Here you can find some interesting links if you are planning to go skiing soon:

  1. Ski resorts close to Barcelona (I saw some people asking on Facebook about this):
  2. One day organized excursions:
  3. Offers for Forfait and Hotels:


I personally really like the second option, their prices are not bad and you can enjoy a full day in the mountain without worrying about the driving. At the same time is quite cool because you can meet a lot of people on the way. That´s the whole purpose about living here, right?


One of my favorites areas of the city is Raval, I walk around the streets every week from work to home and I love the vibe, the bars and all the shops with their unique stuff.  I always try to make plans around the area. Thus, I was very happy when I saw this event on Facebook from Coffee and Brunch Barcelona: brunch raval

We are going to try it out this weekend. The place looks amazing, I love brunch and Bloody  Mary´s, so … I couldn’t think of a better combination!


Start of the week, yeah we all know is tough! I am not a Monday person, it takes me ages to wake up and I usually have 1000 emails waiting for me at work. One of my colleagues says that one of the thing she likes to do to relax is going to Asian shops and preparing home made dumplings. Here you can find some shops and recipes to spend your Monday night 😉

Click here to see on map

And a short video to help you prepare those yummy peaces of heaven. Easy peasy!!


The second of December is the “National Crepe Day” or “La Chandeleur” and La Republica Du Fromage is organizing a Crepe event this week for everybody to enjoy this festivity.


They are continuously organizing some cool stuff around Barcelona. What they offer for this event is a Happy Hour from 7 to 8.30 pm in 2 for 1 crepes and quite cheap beverages, and of course, French wine!


Mid of the week, it´s time to stop eating and spending money and do some free cultural stuff!

There is an interesting exhibition at “Arts Santa Mónica” about the evolution of the digital literature. The entrance is free and its on until  March.

museo miercoles

The location is La Rambla, 7 08002 Barcelona, so before or after that you can have a walk-around the city center.


For those of you that don´t know the concept of “Juernes” that´s the way university students call the “New Viernes”, which involves a lot of drinking and “Juerga” (party).

I have been trying to convince my friends to go to Paradiso but its being impossible! I read very good critics about this place in Time Out Barcelona, Bcnmess and Le Cool. I know about this place thanks to one of my work colleges; her boyfriend is the person running the place, he is Italian and the best cocktail maker in Spain in 2014.

pastrami bar

What they offer is a total new idea in “Clandestino Bars”, you start the night at Pastrami bar where you can have authentic pastrami sandwiches while you drink artisan beer. Apparently they roast a full pig on Thursday and sell it bite by bite. Once you stomach is full and happy, you can access the cocktail bar through a secret door where Giacomo and his team will receive you with tailor made drinks!


Well that´s it, full agenda for this week on your hands. I will be sending reminder on Facebook about the different events and update you in regards Carnival!!! Don’t forget to prepare your outfit and join any of the 1000 parties going on in Cataluña (best Carnival is in Sitges, you should go there!!).

Did you like what you read? Is there any event you would like to share? 

I am very open to new ideas, feedback and suggestions,  feel free to contact me! ☮ & ♥