Taller pràctic: Cuina Invernal per a la Salut de tot l’any


Our bodies are temples, the places that carry us around the world and allow us achieve the things we wish to. Yet we so rarely take the time to nourish it, and truly understand the relationship between our diet and our bodies.


This is where Digestàlia comes in. Digestália is a shop that caters to alternative health remedies and nutrition, promoting a more holistic approach to the way we care for our bodies. This week they are inviting Teresa Llisterri to present a culinary workshop that promises to shake up the way you cook for a better future!


Teresa Llisterri is a qualified nutritional therapist and enthusiast of Eastern medicine. Also being a fantastic vegan chef, she will guide you through 4 or 5 different nutritional dishes which, on this occasion, will nourish your bones and mineralise your body for a better you!


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