On their 6th edition, this time in Barcelona, Tech Experience Conference is holding the most disruptive congress event in the digital marketing. Held in the Estrella Damm factory on November 22,  you can bet that the marketing directors, human resources managers and all the CEOs of startups, together with agencies and the most influential companies in Barcelona will be there.

Jordi Nexus will be opening the event with a mind-blowing digital magic show, and it will be impossible to turn your eyes away from him. For the entire day, you will also get a chance to learn more about Blockchain, Chatbots, Growth Hacking, Virtual Reality, Employee Branding, Inbound Marketing and Personal Branding.  For those interested in the influencers world there will be a panel with some YouTube big names.

Free massages will be up for grabs, but you have to work for it. How? At the entrance, you will receive a letter, and your main goal is to find someone at the event exactly with the same letter as yours, and voila, hello relaxation! As you enjoy your message (if you do win!), Estrella Damm will be providing its sweet nectar as they are the main sponsor of the event.

If that isn’t enough, an Escape Room game through tablets will be held in the afternoon, giving you the chance to connect with technology and with other people in this community.

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Are you going to miss out the coolest tech and marketing event of the year?