You all know that we always try to include free plans or for less than 30€ but we could not resist the temptation to speak about this amazing secret dinner!

Project Codols 16 is built by 4 different professionals coming from different parts of the world and it´s another one of those events that we felt immediately in love with. Taking place in a secret location inside Gothic area in a house designed by Gaudí the organizers only take groups of maximum 10 people to guarrantee the best experience ever.

The idea is to reunite people from any part of the world no matter the language they speak and to have fun in an intimate and chary environment. The menu contains 8 different steps and for every event it’s different. The dinner comes from the Argentinian chef Agustín Valinoti who explains every step of the banquet to the guest. All this is accompanied by some drinks, wine and the music from Chilean musician Pepe Arias.

If it didn’t sound appealing enough here is the menu for this Wednesday:


Address: Project Codols 16 | Codolls, 16

Time: 9 pm – 1 am

Price: 90€

More info here.