We came across this new project in the city of Barcelona, Tarot Fanzine and absolutely love it! We enjoy so much finding these little hidden gems in the city by the hand of incredibly talented people.

Founded in 2015 by Wendy Montasell, Sara Bea and Annie Mimó Tarot Fanzine wants to bring closer to the public the work of these artists and many others.

The theme of this project is obviously Tarot cards and for every publication they choose a different theme. The first fanzine was based on “The magician” and this second one is “The priestess”. The publication recalls two small books with two different visions, a positive one and a negative one about the theme of that edition that you can see simultaneously.

Because the people running the project are super cool, they are presenting this second edition at Sons of Gutenberg with some sweets and shots. We will for sure be there! Are you joining us?

Address: Sons Of Gutenberg | Ferlandina, 32

Time: 7.30pm – 10 pm

Price: free entrance

More info here.

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