Expo : Vestida de Luz : Female’s Soul

Female´s Soul is a beautiful exhibition that opened on the 30th of November at The Collective and will be there until the end of this month as a reflection of femininity and as a reminder of the month against gender violence that started the past 25th of November.

Yolanda Berzosa Santiago, aka Female’s soul, has always been attracted to culture and, especially, for art. She feels a strong passion for drawing and painting but her true vocation is photography. She started posing as a model for some photographers and that generated enough curiosity within her to start taking pictures of herself. In this way, her passion for the nude appeared and so did her first self-portraits.

The main ingredient of her photography is the woman and the nude, dissociating the link between the artistic nude and its sexual connotation. In addition, Yolanda Berzosa insists that the idea that women have no physical defects but psychological because they believe they have errors in the body that they must correct. She treats the woman with the sensitivity and fragility of nature, with the intention to reconnect it with the world, the earth and life.

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