Croqueta y Presumida 

Our new favorite place in Barcelona has an amazing name, Croqueta y presumida. With this great words game (Croqueta sounds like coqueta, that means boastful, same as presumida) we want to present you one of the best franchises in the city. The origins of this great idea is Basque Country (same as pintxos) and they are growing quite quick in Spain. Their star dish it´s obviously “la croqueta” that you can find in all kind of flavors (squid, crab, jalapeño, cheese to the absolutely winner cheese and ham variety) and different shapes.

They also have some other typical Spanish dishes such as meatballs with tomato sauce, stuffed piquillo peppers or callos (google translate it as callosa but I am not very sure about that…, anyway the recipe comes from the owners mother so just go and try it!). They also have some desserts as arroz con leche and leche frita (omg you have to try this one as well).

What makes them different from any other shop with this kind of products? That the lady at the counter is lovely, it´s a family business with a lot of heart in it and they really look after the quality of their products.

They are very close to the Sant Antoni Market (the facade almost finished and looking stunning) so pop up for a few fried croquetas to go or take some of their beautiful homemade food with you to enjoy anywhere!

Address: Croqueta y Presummida | C/ Viladomat, 59

Time: Monday to Saturday 10 am – 3 pm / 5pm – 9 pm / Sundays 10 am – 3pm

Price: $

More info here.