Las week Guiris en Barcelona was invited to Espai Cuinam at Mercat Vall D’Hebron  for a Thai cooking class and the experience was great. I arrived early and had the chance to have a little chat with the Market director Carma. She is a lovely lady with lots of energy and working on plenty of initiatives to bring more people to their venue.

One of the ideas they are working with is cooking lessons at their cute space above the market. Alicia is the person in charge of running those sessions with the help of the chef Mathew Fisher, an American living in Barcelona for the past ten years who graduated from Hofman.

They organize all kinds of lessons, they do a few for kids like this one every Tuesday where they teach them some basics. They have English cooking lessons for kids and adults as well and all kind of themes from paella and sangria to Asian food.

We are very impressed with their work and will be organizing something together very soon. Stay tuned!

Address: Mercat Vall D´hebron  | Passeig Vall d’Hebrón, 130

Time: Every Tuesday from 5.30 pm – 7 pm (April will be focus on Easter food)

Price: 1 session 15€ /4 sessions for 50€ / 6 sessions for 65€

More info here.