For those who did not know, Biblioteca de Catalunya has a space for theater inside their installations. La perla 29, is the association in charge of bringing a live scene to this space, continuously organizing different plays and bringing some new life to the library. The project started in 2002 as a platform for creation, work and spectacles management, being at the moment one of the reference spaces in the city of Barcelona.


For a few days we can enjoy the play called L´Hostelera, a comedy from Carlo Goldoni written in 1750 still being played in several theaters around the world that shows the story of an attractive woman, owner of a guest house whose hosts always try to seduce her, and how the story give a swirl when one of the guests (a bit misogynous) ends up falling in love with her after the woman´s mind games.

An interesting story that still reflects the society we live in and makes you think about love, feelings, relationships and sex.

The play is starring quite of a young cast guided by Laura Aubert and David Verdaguer. There is a bit of mix of languages, but the play is mostly in Catalan so put on your brave coat before leaving the house and enjoy this incredible experience.

Address: Biblioteca de Catalunya Hospital, 56

Time: 8.30pm

Price: 14-26€

More info and tickets here.

Monday | Wednesday