Tango Argentino:principiantes e iniciación !

It’s dramatic, it’s fierce, yes, it’s time to Tango!


Tango originated in the Americas as an escape from the hardships of immigrant life. Formed of sensual movements and striking intimate poses, it gained both enthusiasm and rejection across various parts of the world. Today, it comes in many variations but still with a fiery passion at its heart, and now it is time for you to climb aboard.


El Puntazo Estudio de Tango is here to get you started with the complete beginners class this Tuesday. No need to bring a partner as this is an opportunity to dance with mysterious strangers (who are soon to be friends). It is an opportunity to learn to dance, have fun and meet new people.


All you need is courage, enthusiasm and the desire to dance!

 ** All bookings must be made in advance through email or whatsapp.

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