CLUB de Conversación ELE USAL Barcelona

I know, everybody comes to Barcelona to improve their Spanish but the city is so friendly with English language that after a few months you give up a bit (even if Guiris en Barcelona does challenge you to use your language skills every week ;)).

We have been collaborating with the guys from Ele Usal for a while and they are not only extremely nice and friendly but very passionate about teaching and their students. That´s why they have created this conversation class for only 6€! So you can join them for a fun class learning new things in Spanish outside the topics and meeting new people along the way!

On Mondays they are teaching B1 level and Tuesdays are dedicated to A2 until the end of July so don´t be shy and get in touch with them, improving your Spanish is cheaper than a mojito!

Address: ELE USAL Barcelona | Carrer de Fontanella, 21-23

Time: Mondays and Tuesdays 6.45 pm – 7.45 pm


More info here.