Cineinfinito #28: Joanna Margaret Paul

Apparently, there is a lesser known and charming little cinema in Sants area where they show independent cinema, documentary and experimental films in original version and we didn´t even know about them!

ZumZeig is a cooperative cinema where its associates make all the magic happen. They promote all kinds of cultural activities and collaborations like the one on Tuesday with Cineinfinito.

Cineinfinito will introduce film work by Joanna Margaret Paul called Through a different Lens presented by Clara Martín Villas.

Joanna Margaret Paul (1955-2003) was an artist from New Zealand who specialized in cinema, poetry and painting. Her cinema work focused on recording different scenes of domestic life like maternity, the deterioration of cities, the presence of nature or the work of different female artist in the 70´s called Sisterhood.

They also have a a bar where you can grab something to eat, drink and chat before and after the movies.

More info here.