El Escondite – Muestra de Improvisación

This Tuesday we have the chance attend a theatre improv group in which the theme is “hide and seek”.

The play will show the work of a group of theatre students under the direction of Javier Alba de Alba. The group will come in front of the public who will choose the protagonist of the night and they will come up with 4 different stories on the spot with no memorized text.

The public will dictate as well how the story will evolve, telling the actors what to “seek”, “hide”, “escape” or “save”, once when the public states how the play is going to work the actors will improvise.
We attended something similar with the guys from Barcelona Improv Group (more in a fun note) and it was a great experience!

Address: Teatre Tantarantana | Carrer de les Flors 22

Time: 9 pm – 10.30 pm

Price: 7€

More info and tickets here.