Tuesday comes with an Italian style and flavor. La Casa Degli Italiani Barcellona is organizing a series of movie projections in Italian at their space in Pasaje Méndez Vigo 8 every Tuesday.

They will start off with the romantic comedy-drama film Questione di Tempo (About time) some soft drinks and popcorn. They will continue with a colloquium run by coach Elizabeth Franzoso where everybody is welcome to share their opinions about the film and get to know each other. All this, and small Italian aperitivo only for 10€!

Who said that you need to move from Barcelona to get closer to different cultures?

Adress: Casa Degli Italiani Barcellona, Pasaje Méndez Vigo 8, 08009 Barcelona,

Time: 7pm until 10pm

Price: 10€

More info here.


I have been watching this place called Polaroid Bar Barcelona but I haven´t been lucky enough to explore it yet. They do plenty of different parties but I think what is even cooler is their monthly projections series.

Right now they have a few going on, among them, every Tuesday is a different documentary about a 60´s rock and roll band. This week the featured band is the Rolling Stones and their tour around Ireland in 1965. Do you want to hear the even better news? Beer is only 1,5€!

We are a bit late for their Sunday sessions and we are a bit upset about it since they only have a couple of sessions left… Polaroid is screening all the new Star Wars movies for only 5€ with a hot dog or nachos to chooser from and a drink! If I were you I would be following those guys quite closely 😉

Adress: Polaroid Bar Barcelona, Carrer Còdols, 29, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Time: 8 pm until 10 pm

Price: Free entrance

More info here.

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