Lletres del blues: La vida cantada – call

Now that winter is here it´s time to spend more time at the library… no, we are not losing it, Biblioteques de Barcelona cultural program for the season is great and FREE, so leave your prejudices aside and check it out!

This week Biblioteca Xavier Benguerel is surprising us with a blues event that goes beyond music and where they use the live experience of artist Amadeu Casas to describe this music gender. When we think of the blues, the crying of someone who has lost their partner comes to mind. But the true essence of the blues is much more than that. It is the song of the oppressed and mistreated who, through music, try to forget a deplorable social reality.  Apart from love and indifference, the blues tells us about sex, alcohol and drugs; of death, of the devil, of injustice, of money, of freedom … of life in capital letters!

Come around on Tuesday to enjoy the real passion surrounding blues in first person.

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