Trobada d’art al Gòtic dels amics de Sant Just

Pati Limona – a civic centre specialized in photography and audio-visuals – is surprising us again with one of their incredible exhibitions, this time highlighting the pictorial work of different female artists coming from different generations and sociocultural influences who live in the city of Barcelona.

Even if they have different backgrounds and styles they have a thing in common: that their style and development has been guided by artists such as Elai Piñon and Antonio Cañete. Pati Limona is welcoming them from the 12th of September until the 5th of October.

Participating artists include Cristina de Bufalá, Dolors Gordi, María Nadal, Marina Gallego, Mónica Donati, Irene Pérez, Paz Flores, Silvia Eek and Teresa Ramos.

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