Another one of those projects that we found just by chance and immediately fell in love with. We have been checking the site of Enmedio, the organizers of this presentation and they are amazing!

Enmedio is a collective of image professionals ( designers, photographers, film directs and artists) that are not happy about the disconnection between art and political action and decided to do something about it (and hell yeah they do). One of their greatest campaigns was in 2009 in the middle of the crisis where they decided to do their particular protest with a party at a job centre in Barcelona, this video for sure made my day and this definitely spread some smiles at the office that day :).

Now they are collaborating with Ajoblanco, a 70´s magazine that is coming back to stir the cultural scene in Barcelona to talk about the many changes underground art and culture has experienced during all the years that they have been silent. Pretty interesting discussion to learn more about the point of view of this cool collective.

Address: Enmedio Collective | Carrer de Santa Teresa, 3

Time: 7 pm – 10 pm

Price: Free

More info here.