Yeah, it´s right, already a year spamming your Facebook accounts with alternative, cool and different plans to do every week in Barcelona and know this city like a local.

The idea for this project started off in late November 2015 as a platform to share all kind of happening around the city with an introduction in English so expats, international students and travelers would get a feeling of what´s going on in the city.My friend Alba, who you might have meet with a beer in hand and forcing people to check out the blog, was the person who inspired me to start the weekly agenda and give it a more personal touch (sometimes I even speak about my tinder dates so I think I took the personal thingy to the extreme…).

Guiris in Barcelona´s blog started off at the end of January and has evolved with me and my experience with this incredible city, meeting a lot of great an talented people along the way. We started with typical touristic places and things to do and now we are trying to go further and find those very special and hidden events and places. Slowly we would like to start proposing more events of our own and share more time with our readers face to face.

During this time the team has grown as well, it was pretty much only one person for a long time and now there are a couple of guys helping me correcting the articles (did you notice I am not a native speaker?) Ash and Karan, Laia from Chop&Change Barcelona with the events that we prepare time to time, Santiago doing videos (coming soon), Audric the fussy Frenchman recommending restaurants and plenty of friends always giving a hand with logos, recommendations and ideas.

We will all be at Guzzo on Thursday ( I am Gema by the way) and we really hope to see you there and have  great time!

For those coming there will be some cava, cake and some surprises…

Address: Guzzo | Plaza Comercial, 10

Time: 7pm-9pm

Price: Free

More info here.

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