La princesa Mononoke en Enero en la Filmoteca de Catalunya

Filmoteca de Catalunya has always held a strong reputation for challenging the traditional scope of cinema, in facilitating deeper insight beyond the film itself. So often we fall in love with a film, not during the screening, but on reflection and discussion.


CineAsia and Casa Asia have teamed up with Filmoteca de Catalunya to bring us ‘Princess Mononoke’, one of the most famous anime films of all time. The showing is part of a greater project which allows the audience to travel through Asia through the medium of cinema. Being one of six screenings, Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Princess Mononoke’ will send your mind to unknown realms of the imagination with the beautifully this crafted screenplay.


As is traditional with Filmoteca de Catalunya, you will be given the opportunity to discuss the film in a Cine-forum where you can challenge both your ideas and the ideas of others in good spirits.


To be able to see this film once again on the big screen is an opportunity not to be missed!

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