Thursday is that day of the week reserved for a bit of cheeky humor and the guys from Sofívoros know it better than anyone, that´s why they came up with the terrific idea to celebrate the day the state of California decided to legalize marijuana and make it our very own here in Barcelona.

They’re going all out and organized a great gathering with a “master class” from  Miguel Castejón talking about spliffs and grinders, music performances from Artist from the Ganja and a psychedelic jam with music, poetry, projected writing, dance, all mixed together in a big improvisational that we are really curious about.

If you are as curious as we are the details about this unusual event.

Adress: El Pumarejo de Barcelona, C/ Gomis, 42, Barcelona, Spain

Time: 6pm until 11pm

Price: 4€ for members, 6€ for the rest

More info here.


If you are looking for something a bit more intimate we have a very good option for you. There are plenty of live music lovers in Barcelona and you guys know that there is not need to wait until the weekend to enjoy some great music with good company every day  in our incredible city.

The show on Thursday is organized by We Sounds Events and The Rennaissance Hotel are hosting the concert starring the soul duet, Salt & Soul. During the event you can enjoy some drinks at the bar and even have some dinner!

Monica and Carlo starting their way around Barcelona´s music scene about a year ago and they seem to have been quite busy sharing their talent with the people in the city. This week we can find them on Friday as well at Cara B, in Gracia 😉

Adress: Lobby del hotel Renaissance, Pau Claris, 122

Time: 7.30pm until 9.00pm

Price: free entrance

More info here.

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