One of the very few 100% macrobiotic, vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the city is preparing an amazing Miso workshop.

What is so special about it? The person in charge of the workshop is Toshie Nagashima a macrobiotic cook from Japan and ecologic farmer. Toshie lives in the mountain, in plain nature with the energy from the sun and the win, she cooks with wood and water from the fountains.

The guys from 2Y Restaurante Macrobiótico y Vegano are very serious about their cooking, their processes and all the ingredients that they use, for example, the water is filtered, vitalized and mineralized with 100% organic processes, the cereals and veggies are cooked in titanium cookware every day. So if you are into this life style or very curious about it this is the perfect occasion to go more in deep, and of course, learn how to cook and try some amazing homemade miso soup!

Address: 2y Restaurante Macrobiotico Barcelona | Pasatge Battlo 4

Time: 8 pm – 9 pm

Price: 30€ (remember to register first).

More info here.