Tartiflette Night

Feeling frenchie festive before Christmas? We have the perfect event for you!

The guys from Maison Blot, one of our main collaborators are organizing a Tartiflette Night. For the non-frenchies in the room that´s a super yummy and traditional dish of melted cheese, with bacon, onions and potatoes (Why do I always write about food when I am hungry, do we really need to wait until Thursday?).

The menu comes also with a starter and dessert. Knowing that they only use organic products coming from small farms in France we can 100% guarantee that the night will be epic! Also it’s the perfect occasion to meet some new international people in Barcelona in a cosy environment.

Also, if you like any of their products very much, with your Guiris Discount Card you get a 5% off!

More info here.