Estrena “Escala 1:5”

Beautiful plan this one for Thursday putting together 3 different projects to perfection: Sala Beckett, Flores & Prats architects and 15-L. Films.

The project is located in the former Cooperativa de Consumo Pau i Justicia in the Poblenou neighbourhood of Barcelona, a social club that is very present in the memory of the residents of this area,  a meeting space where weddings and other social celebrations were held and which was subsequently abandoned for many years. Now its doors reopen and these neighbours will remember these spaces in their memories while the building has adapted to the new program: a theatre and drama center, a place to celebrate the works of theatre.

We spoke to some of the organizers who didn´t want to tell us much about the event and we can see that there is a lot of magic there that they don’t want to reveal. The best option is to get to Cinemes Girona a while before the event starts to enjoy your free seat and find out more about this incredible city through a series of documentaries and people.

More info here.