BARCELONA AGENDA 5.12.16 – 18.12.16

For sure this is the week of the food and  markets in Barcelona. Many of the markets that we already know are back such us All those, Estaciò Disenny Barcelona or Flea Market. We would like to focus on new ones opening their doors for first time or that we haven´t visit yet with a foodies perspective (we like to be surprised!). It´s bank holiday week so we will try to make the most of it!


We like this initiative too much so we need to recommend it again, and not only for the good propose they have behind but for the amazing food they serve during this special day.

meant free mondays ramen

Last time we went there we had vegan spicy sushi (too good to be true), replacing the fish with nuts so  you do not event  feel the difference except that is super yummy. We had sesame tan tan blanco ramen to follow and cannot find the words to describe that bowl full of flavors. Jason, the owner, is super nice and approachable and treated us very nicely.

Take advantage of this amazing dinner since on Tuesday you don´t need to work!

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If you feel like having a cheeky night there is a pretty cool gipsy Ska party at Diobar with Chotokoeu coming from Galicia and a Balkan after party.

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My friend Laia always tells me to include El Tianguis on the agenda. I was not sure about doing it this week since we are going on Tuesday and apparently it is always super full, thus I want my little space in the place and make sure we have our amazing tacos. I didn´t wan to be selfish and decided to share it with all of you.

Tianguis, best mexican restaurant in Barcelona

All the hussle about El Tianguis comes from their incredible promotion on  Tuesdays and Wednesdays when you can have beer and tacos for 1€ (beer 1€, taco 1€ don´t get so excited, still a pretty good offer…)

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If you are feeling a bit adventurous and want to enjoy your Thursday recovering from a Wednesday party the best option for you is Hivernacle in Poble Espanyol. From my experience anything organized in that beautiful place cannot go wrong and the guys from Hivernacle are putting a lot of effort and love in those parties organized through the year.

best place to party during the bank holiday

What is Hivernacle? They describe it as “a glassy pop up club with herbage where visuals and surround sound will play a key role”. Want to know more? You probably need to go there 😉

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What a better way to celebrate the bank holiday than with wine and food?… For me it sounds just perfect, cannot think of anything better…

wine and gastronomy event at santa caterina´s market

From the 8th until the 10th of December will take place the 6th edition of the Wine and Gastronomy fair in Santa Caterina. As the name indicates there will be some wine and food stands right outside Santa Caterina´s market in born selling some typical Catalan products to enlighten your senses. One of the most Spanish thing to do during during festive days is to dress up nicely , go for some nice food and drinks and just walk around to relax and check the city, so do the spanish thing and don´t even think about staying home!

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One of the options to do during your day off is visiting the exhibition Oscillate at The Collective from Luz Valencia, a Venezuelan artist living in Barcelona after a 13 years´career in London.

luz valencia alternative art exhibition

We will see a sample of her work that includes a great variety of techniques from painting, drawing to the installation with different objects and hidden words. Her work is quite unique, getting influences from movement, geometry, biology and anthropology. Totally worth taking a look and discover something new in our beloved city.

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The show Le Petit Prince from Saint-Exupéry is coming to Barcelona in a musical shape with some surprises.

le petit prince in barcelona

A lovely play with different songs, music, scenography  and even 3D characters that will transport you to  magical world where some questions about life, family and existence will be brought up.

Tickets go from 15 to 30€ and it will be on for a few days 😉

More info here.

Once that you are there who would resist a few pinchos at Carrer Blai?


If you are feeling that your week staying in Barcelona instead of going somewhere else to enjoy the bank holiday is turning more expensive than you thought, no worries, this market on Saturday is totally free (if you register on time).

book market in barcelona

The organizers are TR3S C club the Cultura and they are choosing the unique placement of Antiga Fabrica de Estrella Damn as the placement. During this amazing market in a wonderful location they are trying to bring culture, and in this case, books, closer to the public and give you the chance to meet some authors and enjoy a day full of activities, food truck, and I guess, beer.

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Another market in Barcelona for the weekend, this time is a design market so if you still don’t have anything original for your loved ones this is the perfect occasion to the last (or the first) Christmas shopping.

Of course they will count with some food options so you can do from breakfast to “the afternoon tea” or “merienda” how we call it here. There will be vermouth, wine and artisan beer options as well to keep you busy while checking the different stands around, including among others some publications from independent editors and online magazines.

festivalet alternative desing market at museo maritimo

Apart from the stuff you can buy there will be some areas with materials for the creative ones to try and do some handcrafted products.

The location is pretty cool as well, taking place at Museo Maritimo de Barcelona 😉

More info here.


Nau Bostik is holding a new event this Sunday by the hand of Shorts of nothing where we can enjoy an easy afternoon watching some animation short movies, eating some home pizza and check out some dye creations.

things to do on sunday in barcelona

More info here.

Quite of an intense week, is not Christmas yet and there are a lot of food proposals, seems that we are getting the extra weight before the festivity is herethank you Barcelona for all your amazing markets with your great food