BARCELONA AGENDA 21.11.16 – 27.11.16

This week I wanted to introduce the blog thanking everybody that makes it possible. I started with the project back in January this year and after a lot of work, weekends at home  doing research and writing it, lots of events, gatherings, convincing my friends to come with me to most crazy places and meeting so many interesting people on the way we count with more than 15.000 readers and almost 2000 friends on Facebook.

The path is complicated sometimes, I have been writing from planes, hospitals, beaches, and some absurd places to make sure the agenda is ready every week and all the proposals are cool enough to meet everybody´s standards. The plan is to keep moving forward and make this project bigger and better for my lovely Guiris (y los no tan guiris) to keep discovering the hidden gems in this beautiful city that we call our home now. Barcelona we ❤ you!


I went to Chivou’s during the weekend with a couple of male friends and we loved it! I wanted to go to this place for a while, its super close to my last house (I moved too many times since I arrived to Barcelona) and I used to pass by a lot. One of my ex tinder dates told me he would invite me there before disappearing from my life forever but I can tell you that the wait was totally worth it.

slow cooked street food and artisan beer

They have sandwiches in hot dog o burger shape with the most amazing combinations that just melt in your mouth. Always come together with incredibly good edge chips, and the best thing, is that you can get artisan beer with your “Slow cooked street food”. The decoration is pretty good and there are two places you can visit, Gracia and Raval. It is usually quite ful so try to get there early 😉

More info here.


I pass by this museum on my new way to work sometimes and I cannot wait to find the time to visit it. It is based next to Glorias underground station and it seems like a very cool building with lots to museum barcelona free entranceIt is on my to do list and hopefully will be able to visit soon. They have a few permanent exhibitions and some temporary ones, among them calls my attention Rehogar that opens design and reuse as tools for social transformation, with ideas and practices that respect the environment.

More info here.


This Wednesday at CCCB we will count with the projection of the film Break in, winner of the second price Multimedia long form 2016 at the World Press Photo. The two directors Mikel Aristregi and Jose Bautista will introduce this strong film to the audience and give an insight of what filming it meant to them.

free movie showing at cccb

This strong story shows the trip of Aristregi to Cambodia in 2014 to film street children that live in the capital. There he meets Pich, an 11 year old child that is addicted to glue and meth who ended up going to rehab with the ONG Our Home, where he escaped. A year later Aristregi comes back to find the kid asking about him to friends and neighbors, showing during the film the reality of a generation ruined by drugs.

More info here.


There are a few places offering Thanks Giving menu and this is another sign on how international Barcelona is becoming. I was checking them out and it is quite difficult to choose, luckily our american friend Karan invited a few us for a proper dinner at his house. It will be my first Thanks Giving so I am very excited, feels like being in the special episode of any American TV show!

thanks giving menu for 25€

If I had to choose a place to eat out that day I would have to decide between The Benedict, who is preparing a lovely menu for only 25€ and hanging their Christmas decoration that day,  Or Macondo, who are not actually doing a Thanks Giving party but the dinner looks too cool to say no to that. Anyway, if you are in Barcelona so the Turkey is not mandatory, right?


It´s being a while I want to check out the work from the guys at Hell Gallery and Friday looks like the perfect occasion to do it (unless I get home like last week and find out I am too tired and old to go out…I want to be 23 again!)

black friday barcelona

This is a very special party where they will reunite all their artist and throw a party to inaugurate their new online shop. As at any convincing Black Friday there will be a 10% discount on the pieces of the Gallery so maybe it’s the perfect day to bring home a new bad ass piece of art. It finishes at 9pm so you better go early!

More info here.


There is a big demand for good electronic music in Barcelona outside the big touristic clubs and I have to say that I love partying hard once in while and I am totally with them, I tried out a couple of big club in the city and hell I am not going back.

best electronic music concerts in barcelona

This Friday we can enjoy the show from the american artist Rabit, one of the main names in the grime scene and coming to Spain only for this night at Caixa Forum Barcelona as part of their DNIT series of electronic music concerts.

More info here.


Believe it or not some of  the neighborhoods in Barcelona are still celebrating their big festival even if the weather is not that nice anymore. This weekend is the time for Sant Andreu and Moco de Pavo will be in charge of the music for the afternoon.

moco de pavo concert with vermut

Perfect occasion to visit the hood if you haven’t done it yet (like me), listen to some good and fun Catalan cool music and have a few cheeky drinks, because we love to party during day time and  you know it …

More info here.


One of our favorite events in Barcelona is back this weekend at Mutuo Barcelona.

interactive art exhibition in barcelona

As usual we will be surprised with the talent of international artist showing their work in all kind of shapes as painting, photography, design, illustrations, performances and some surprises from the live shows and music.

More info here.


The event all the single people in Barcelona was waiting for !

The idea came up one day that my friend Laia from Chop&Change Barcelona and me where having dinner at Sasha Bar. Leo, the owner, propose us the idea of having a chilled party where single people can meet in a relaxed atmosphere and have some fun. We were immediately in!

best event for single people in barcelona

Obviously it is oriented only to people that are not in any kind of relationship at the moment and are a bit tired of dating apps, going out during the weekend with no success or being hold in blind dates organized by their friends. We will receive you with a couple of drinks, some pica pica and a few activities to break the ice and have a fun Sunday evening meeting some new cool people, and hopefully, your first ex wife/husband.

It is only 10€ and you need to make your reservation at

More info here.

Full agenda one more week to learn more about Barcelona and what locals like to do! Hope to see you around on Sunday!