BARCELONA AGENDA 14.11.16- 20.11.16

Life in Barcelona ain’t that cheap bro! That’s why every week we try to bring you the best plans to do in the city for free or at a very affordable price so it is easy to go out most of the days of the week. Last week we went to the theater for 10€, had an Italian appetizer with food and drink for 6€, a comedy show for 3€ and a free market in an amazing location. Are you ready for the agenda this week?


Our favorite place in Barcelona is turning two and all the staff from Sasha bar want to invite you to celebrate this day of joy with them.

sasha bar in poble sec

There will be some drinks and aperitifs from their great bar and kitchen and lots of Sasha lovers. We are organizing and event very soon with them and Chop&Change Barcelona for our beloved single people. It will be a Sunday Vermut with some games and fun stuff to interact, network and maybe, who knows, meet the love of your dreams. We will let you know more about the event in a couple of weeks but here is the link for more info.

This Monday you only need to show up between 7 and 10 pm to say hi to Leo and his staff and celebrate together.

More info here.


I passed by Abissínia a few months ago with a friend and we had to stop and ask the owner a bit more about the place. I have to say that I haven´t been there for a meal yet but my friend has a boyfriend and all couples do, they like to surprise each other with new places and they both absolutely loved it vegan dinner in graciaAbissínia is traditional Ethiopian restaurant organizing this vegan event with Street Child España at their venue in Gracia. Part of the sale price of the night  will be donated to Street Child and will go directly to educational projects in Sierra Leona, Liberia and Nepal. A perfect occasion to try some amazing food and use your money wisely. There will be some traditional African music as well coming from DJ kchorro.

The event looks quite popular so  we recommend you to try to book in advanced!

More info here.


Barcelona Pensa is a festival organized by the Philosophy department of the University of Barcelona with the aim to reactivate and bring closer philosophy to everybody.  They will count with several workshops, talks and events around the city with many experts talking about different subjects.barna-pensa

On Wednesday there is a talk from Maurizio Ferraris, Italian philosopher and scholar, called “Abajo la inteligencia! ¡Viva la muerte!” – la tontería como factor político  at Arts Santa Monica at 8pm that seems quite interesting. There is a full agenda from Monday 14th  until Saturday 19th if you want to check what´s on.

More info here.


There isn’t anything that we like more than having a Thirsty Thursday, this time with a combination between wine tasting and electronic music. Did you think everything is already invented? Well it´s obvious that Barcelona can still surprise us every week with new and better things to do.

wine tasting and eletronic music

During this event you will have access to a wine free bar with different varieties to taste at the rhythm of electronic music. There will be a bit of  “pica pica” and some of the wine makers will be around to have a chat with the people attending and letting them know more about how do they elaborate the wine.

The purpose of this event is to make wine more accessible to everybody and potentiate the presence of wine in electronic music events. The price is only 8€ and they have limited spaces so you better book your spot soon at

More info here.


For those who prefer to spend their Friday night at a concert the best plan by far is the one Sala BeGood is proposing us.

The Last 3 Lines were born in 2007 in our beloved city Barcelona as a psychedelic rock band. It’s the first time that I listen to them and I am already in love with their music, rhythm, lyrics and videos (they are awesome, I could watch them non stop for hours!). I can totally picture them in a big stage for the summer festival season because those guys are big!

Same instant love with Julieta Jones, as well from Barcelona, who will bring us some strong sounds and lyrics that for sure will not leave anyone indifferent.

I love discovering more of the music made in the city and I have to say that I am gladly surprise to see how much talent there is in Barcelona and feel lucky being able to enjoy it so closely.

If you get your ticket in advance it is only 6€ and with the CD 15€, quite of a good investment I think 😉

More info here.


I really like the different thematic at the events organized by The Hell Gallery, although I did not have the time to go to any of their events yet. I guess it is time for me to finally go there and meet them in person…

tattoo ad graffiti exhibition in Gracia

This Saturday they will host an exhibition where tattoos and graffiti will be the protagonist. Easy plan to start your Saturday hangover with a Moritz in your hand and move on to your next compromise.

More info here.


I love the project the guys from The Warehose Barcelona are creating. They are working on a industrial center of art 2.0 where you can find a fusion between music, urban art and night time entertainment counting with projections of visual and plastic artist, designers, video and audio professionals.

electronic music party barcelonaThey are very careful as well with the music they select in their dance floor having a great mix between national and international artist coming to Barcelona to enlighten our weekend nights. This time they will count with the collaboration of Teenage Mutants from Berlin as the head of the line-up, Turko and Botana for a non stop party until 6 in the morning.

More info here.


With the arrival of so many international people to Barcelona having Brunch now a days is the most typical thing to do in Barcelona during the weekend. It is very tough but now I have to be trying different ones so I can recommend them to you… now you  know where all my salary is going…best brunch in barcelonaA couple of weeks ago I went to The Benedict in Gothic quarter for a lovely brunch post Saturday heavy drinking, and it was great. The decoration cannot get any more British, a bit tacky but fun. They have all kind of Eggs on toast, traditional English breakfast, burgers, omelets and pancakes (and probably salad, but you are not going for brunch to have a salad, right).

We had our mandatory Bloody Mary and it was outstanding, not many places can give it the special touch and I was very satisfied with the one at The Benedict. My Eggs royal where lovely and super fatty as you can expect them so I got the energy to keep having cocktails around Raval in a great place I will include in the agenda another day 😉

More info here.


We want to close the weekend with a sugary plan if you still have some space in your stomach, energy in your body and money in your wallet.V fferia de reposteria creativaI have seen the banners about this event in the streets of Barcelona and looks pretty “sweet”. Apart from being able to try all kind of yummy creations there are several activities and lessons, perfect place to bring your kids around and have some family time together. If you are considering to do something creative around sweets this is your place or even if you area business owner and wan to bring something new you can get some ideas from this space 😉

More info here.


This was the full agenda for the week, if you would like to get your events promoted or want to present us any idea we will be more than happy to listen. Last week we meet many interesting people during  The Language Exchange at Estación de Francia, totally recommend that place. Hi to all the new friends, you are lovely! ☮&❤