BARCELONA AGENDA 7.11.16 – 13.11.16

The weather was so nice during last week that I didn’t realized we are in November, or shall I say, Movember? I have to say that I love hairy guys and I really enjoy this movemeber thingy (once in London I did my own movember campaign with fake moustaches…). Not all the guys look good on their mo but it is quite fun to watch them grow it for a whole month, respect for all the boys, men and strange ladies brave enough to do it and support this good cause.

With or without mustache on you we are bringing you the best plans in Barcelona to enjoy the autumn season. As usual, staying at home is not an option! Are you ready?


Sadly for us the Punk exhibition at MACBA is over, the good news is that has been replaced for an amazing one where you can find the work from different artist reflecting life in Spain from the late 70´s until the early 90´s, the time when democracy was being installed in Spain and all the changes the country went through all those years.

life art in Barcelona

Entry is only 10€ and you can have a look around the whole building if this is your first time there!

More info here.


I have been hanging out with lots of international people lately and I thought this could be of interest to some of you.

Metrocultura Barcelona is organizing a free Spanish lesson week to test out your Spanish, see if the classes adapt to you and why not, meet some new people. Not sure how good the classes will be but I guess it’s worth trying!

More info here.


The International dance film festival of Barcelona is coming back one more year with the aim to turn Barcelona into the first Mediterranean city promoting the relationship between film, dance and art.


Dance is a moving art so it films and the relationship between both of them is obvious. During this festival, which this year is taking over more locations and days to accommodate the big impact it had last year, we will be able to attend different screening, workshops, exhibitions and conferences that will be held at Filmoteca de Catalunya and Arts Santa Mónica, all the films will be available online as well in Filmin, a Spanish online platform built by different film companies trying to bring closer quality cinema to the public.

Check out their agenda for the different events and venues and chose your favorite one for the week!

More info here.


I promised you to find some places to eat outside my beloved Gracia and I am working very hard on it. I found this event by chance and it actually looks very cool.

La Dama, in Diagonal, is going to start a series of Jazz nights every week for their clients. You only need to book a table in advance and enjoy the concert at the end of your dinner (spanish time dinner, sorry!) The food and drinks menu looks gorgeous, its quite of an exclusive place so prices might not be for everybody´s pocket.

wednesday live band jazz manouche at la dama

If you cannot spend 20€ on a main course, the aperitivos and entrantes options look divine so maybe you can have an easy tapas dinner before enjoying the concert that will come by the hand of the band Wanted Nola, which memebers, Alexey Baychuk ,Júlio Marks and Ilia Matveev are part of the Jinx Jazz Band.

More info here.


I love when Barcelona offers us this kind of events. Javier Navarro, a.k.a El dios de los tres is organizing an event at To Be Concept BCN design store where you can find out more about his work.


During this special gathering, that will be accompanied by Moritz so you won´t be thirsty on a Thursday evening, we can find different kind of collections from illustrated ceramics, drawings, bags, shirts and a wall life painting.

You want to know more, come around Raval on Thursday!

More info here.


For the IPA lovers (and I know a few) Garage is bringing a new artisan beer called Offload which is no more than the perfect excuse to start your Friday night having some dinner by those guys and trying out their different beer collection.

off load at the garage

I was there with some friends celebrating my friend´s Audric first year in Barcelona recently and I have to say the food looks pretty good, the place has that characteristic beer smell of the brewery bar which I guess for guys is yummy but for girls is a bit so so, if you can handle it you have the perfect plan to start off your weekend (unless you already started it on Wednesday…)

More info here.


Next stop of the night could not be other than an 80´s party with plenty of remember national and international anthems coming from The Smiths,  Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet,  New Order, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Madonna, A Ha – La Union, Alaska y Dinarama, U2 , Michael Jackson and many more.

best parties in barcelonaI met my actual gang at one of those 80´s and 90´s parties and it bring me quite good memories. That night we ended up with a few too many gin tonics, a couple of flowers and some whatsapp singing voice notes… perfect night!

More info here.


We already know where are we going to be next Saturday and it could not be other place than Comedy Fatale.

best humor show in barcelona

Just kidding Barcelona is coming back for a new show together with the guys from Discos Edison and we cannot wait to join Andy J Ritchie and Isa Lao for another night of fun and madness. The show will take place at  The Collective and it will consist on a comedy and music show in support of the campaign to raise awareness against Gender-Based Violence. Love the theme and love  those guys so we hope to see you around!

More info here.


This theater show in English is taking place from the 10th until the 20th of November in Barcelona and we chose Sunday to bring it closer to you. Constellations seems like the perfect match to end up the weekend with a cool plan that is not too energy demanding.


Everybody that I talk to is trying to understand how love works nowadays and why it is so difficult to find the right person. During this show we will attend a theory that tries to explain how a relationship works based on the multiverse quantum theory. What is that? I have no idea, I guess I will need to go and check it out myself and see if that brings me a solution…

More info here.


I am quite happy about the agenda this week, its quite chilled with many cool plans but at the same time easy to follow, the events in Barcelona are adapting to the new season giving us more options to still go out every day but an slower pace. I hope you like the agenda as well, we will be more than happy to hear about your feedback! 🙂

P.S: keep up your movember!