BARCELONA AGENDA 31.10.16 – 6.10.16

November is here with lots of new and innovative events to make our days in Barcelona more fun. We like to share different ideas for you to know Barcelona as a local and to enjoy the city outside the touristic topics. Barcelona is one of the strongest cities in creativity, architecture, fashion,  design, music, gastronomy and innovation and the first European city in life quality, and we just love to live here!


Even if we celebrate Halloween as if it was a typical Spanish tradition this is not what we used to do… In Spain we actually commemorate the people who are not with us any more bringing them flowers and company. . The night of the 31st is traditional to do a family reunion to guard our loved ones and Comissio de Festes del Carrer Mozart want to bring it closer to everybody with a street reunion with food, chestnuts and drinks.

castañada popular

There are a few places where you can buy the menu for the night in advance or get your ticket right on that night. It´s a neighborhood party where everybody is welcome to share our traditions and learn more about Catalan and Spanish culture.

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You know that there will be like thousands of proper Halloween parties all around the city to dress up like zombies or any creation that comes to your mind (my last Halloween I was sexy vampire-Snow White…). There are a couple of parties that I wouldn’t mind attending like the ones at Elektropical or Metrick Market.


Last weekend we celebrated one of my friends birthday at Els Pinxus and food was great. The portions have the perfect side to go with a small group of friends and try out a bit of everything.

els pinxus barcelona

We had the chicken fingers, padron peppers, fried brie cheese with tomato compote, typicall catalan albondigas and the potatos with egg and jamon. Obviously we all skip the diet that night and put down all that food with a some good red wine and the cheesecake for dessert. The service is pretty good, the owner was looking after us herself, we tried to get a few cheeky shots after the big dinner but was not the case… during the weekend is quite busy , not sure during the week but I recommend you to book it in advanced!

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Barcelona Improv group is organizing the biggest humor international show in Barcelona. They are bringing improvisers from more than 20 countries for a 4 night long comedy festival.

big if 4

The BIG IF 4 is starting on Wednesday  2nd and  goes on until Saturday 5th of November. Check out their agenda, the nationality of the show performers and the theme to choose the night you  want to join them. Most of the shows are in English with the exception of a few Spanish and Catalan. Entrance is only 10€, nothing to enjoy a good laugh during the week!

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If you prefer to celebrate life and death in the Mexican way there is a very cool event at Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana where a young Frida Kalho will receive you talking about her life, love and secrets while you enjoy a few drinks, or maybe dinner.

mexican dead celebration in barcelona

They will count as well with an exhibition from the Oaxaca´s artist Jose Montes Nicolas and designer Milagros Ancheita Atelier. One of the coolest things about this place is their Mezcalería that counts  with more than 200 varieties of authentic organic mexican mescal always served with the typical sal de gusano (worm salt) and fresh lime. Entrance is 12€ with the first drink included!

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Barcelona Ethical Fashion Fest is the biggest sustainable fashion show in Europe. During the three days of this festival we will learn that a different way of fashion design is possible, thus there will be some conferences, round tables, and lots of fashion pop-up stores adapted to everybody´s taste and age.

el festival de la moda sostenible #beff

To spicy it up there will be some music and, of course, sustainable food. Entrance is only 2-3€ and its on until Saturday 5th of November. The location could not be other than Fabra I Coats.

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Rock and roll lovers Friday is the day for you! Producciones Salvajes is organizing a night of tributes, mainly to Spanish bands such as Extremoduro, Marea and Platero y tu. I grew up with those bands and had a few years that we only used to go out to rock places, after that you get posh friends and need to adapt to all kind of venues.

festival de tributos hay poco rock and roll

It is an interesting night to see get closer to the Spanish rock scene and  enjoy a different night in Barcelona. You can find your tickets here  or buy them at Discos Tesla and Revolver, its only 10€!


When I saw this event I got very excited and thought it was a Rave party. After realizing it wasn’t a crazy party and doing some research looks like a pretty cool event where the organizers are using spaces in the city that are not in use at the moment and transforming them in a live art show with many artist, music, food and stands.

art fair in barcelona

The guys behind this project, which every year move thousands of people, are creating an space where new tendencies, art forms and artist get closer to the people in Barcelona making us enjoy a full day of activities, exhibitions and fun. Its only on during Saturday and  looks like the kind of event that you cannot miss out!

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Another great event on Saturday comes by the hand of Short & Sweet and Live Soundtracks with Cinematic Tales, a cinema and music gathering where they will show a few short films and the DJ´s  invited will have to perform live the music that they are seeing on screen on the spot. The attendances won´t know who are the DJ´s until they go to the event and the DJ´s will only know the film they need to work with at the moment they start the performance.

cinema and music event in barcelona

Cinematic Tales will count with different events through the year, this first one will have an African thematic where you can enjoy some special food as well. If attending you need to reserve your spot!

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We could not close the Saturday without an event to move a bit your body, mingle with people and free yourself during this day party.

This project created by Carl Craig to bring Detroit´s music closer to the rest of The World in a techno shape will count with artists such as Kenny Larkin, Kyle Hall, Patrice Scott, Danny Ocean, Manuel del Giudice and, of course, Carl Craig.

techno music festival day time festival

The venue is spectacular, The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya that doesn´t open its doors very frequently to this kind of events. If you get your ticket soon it´s only 20€ (sstartd up for only 10€ with the early bird).

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I met the guys from Guzzo Barcelona and love all the events that they organize during all the week. This Sunday they will surprise us with a concert of the Barcelona´s band Nu Epoque, who was born  after meeting in the jam sessions at Jamboree and count with a great style mix of electronic music, jazz and African beats.

jazz music barcelona



Beautiful and chillto finish your weekend like a boss.

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