This October is being a bit colder than last years and it seems that winter will arrive a bit earlier to Barcelona, even if this makes me a bit sad because I am a sun lover we are trying to acclimatize our life to this new cycle. After a few weeks adapting to the new winter routine we are feeling with the energy again to keep visiting new and interesting places in Barcelona, meeting new people and exploring around. So our advice is to stop resisting, take your winter coat and scarf and keep discovering Barcelona!

There are a few Halloween parties going on around the city. I know is not a Spanish tradition but there is nothing more traditional in Spain than dressing up and going out… As usual, the plans that we bring you are to die for!


This is one of the best restaurants I have tried in Barcelona and is casually right by my house (to be my old house in a week since I am moving again…). Toma Ya! serve Peruvian street food with an international touch that will make you reconsider your fall diet and come to this place at least once per week.

toma ya restaurant in gracia

I came to Toma Ya!  with the “to be my former flatmates” for my birthday and I was greatly impressed. We started with an easy salad that I am not sure how they make the vinaigrette but tastes amazing, followed by homemade nachos with hummus, tomato and olive oil that are a must when you go to Toma Ya!. We tried out the Salmon Ceviche with Wontón (divine), the Asian pork fajitas and my favorite one the Fish Fajitas. Seriously, I cannot start to describe that delicious dish, I have never tried something so tasty and different, and maybe it was the way the cook the fish or the sauce but you need to try it! Obviously Toma Ya! is in my beloved neighborhood of Gracia. I have a few places around other neighborhoods for upcoming weeks, please do not despair.

More info here.


I keep recommending vegan events and things to do in Barcelona because I find it a fascinating world . I am not vegan yet, I eat a bit of everything but I consider myself a food lover that´s why I like to try different things and include them on my daily diet.

cal veganic classes in poble nou barcelona

During this cooking class you will learn how to prepare Frican de Seitán, a delicious traditional Catalan dish, hummus and wild mushrooms and tofu pate. The organizers are Cal Vegànic, one of the first vegan shops in Poble Nou and great supporters of conscious and sustainable ways of living. Jordi, the founder, has been a vegan supporter for more than 20 years and started this new project to keep showing, teaching and helping people with this life style.  The workshop is only 6€ and you will finish the class enjoying the dishes cooked during the afternoon.

They will organize this kind of sessions every month apart from different classes as yoga or Pilates to keep working on your body and mind balance.

It is necessary to confirm your spot on this email 😉

More info here.


There are are a few places in Barcelona that continuously surprise us and CCCB is one of them. They like to do relevant and a strong events that takes you from your comfort zone and put you in a different space to measure your reaction.

architecture and sexuality at the cccb

As part of their new exhibition 1000m2 of design. Arquitecture and Sexuality they will bring the conference from Beatriz Colomina, one the best international experts in the field with many books and publications in the area of architecture, communication and sexuality. Beatriz will speak about different cases and explain modern architecture through several contemporary artists.

The entrance to the exhibition is free and this interesting talk is ony 3€, a good and different way to spend your Wednesday afternoon 😉

More info here.


There are a couple of events that I really like on Thursday and both of them have alcohol involved ( por qué será?). My new part time job makes me wake up at 7 in the morning so I cannot enjoy my “juernes” as much as I used to do (sad days…). If you are a free soul who can wake up easily and go to work next day I recommend you to go to Noche de Sakeo.

cooking in motion noche de sakeo

I haven´t been here yet but looks super cool, they will bring sake from Japan, Norway and Catalunya. All this drinking will come accompanied by some tapas created by Cooking in Motion a project from Sebastian Mazzola (chef) & Sussie Villarico (sake sommelier) who decided to bring their love for food, drinks and innovation to everybody. After working with Albert Adrià they have been travelling The World with this new project and doing some consulting and pop up events, among them this incredible sake and tapas night.

More info here.


We announced that we are going to bring more events during the weekend and the strong days of the week and this is the case for Thursday where you cannot miss out the monthly event at La Festival:  Organic and Orgasmic.t is only 7€ and you can enjoy a few of their wonderful organic wines while learning  a bit more about this precious liquid and the wine culture in Catalonia.

catalan organic wine tasting in barcelona

The event is in Catalan so I recommend you to open all your senses, I have to recognize that I got  lost on the explanation after the second or third glass of wine but arrived home quite happy about the time I invested there. The place is beautiful and you can take home your favorite wine for your friends and family to try it out 😉

P.S: you better book it in advance to reserve your seat! More info here.


I met some international people at a friend´s birthday party and they asked me to include a bit more of electronic music events in the agenda since they love this style. I have to recognize that after the few festivals I attended this summer I was a bit out and did not find the energy for more electro-party. However,  I found this event that I think is quite cool since it is oriented to electronic music from the cultural point of view.


The organizer is Caixa Forum and we will enjoy the work from Robert Henke, a show that is specially design for you to listen, dance the music and feel it with closed eyes.

Entrance is only 6€. More info here.


Among all the Halloween parties this weekend the one that called my attention the most was the Anti-Karaoke at Monasterio where they will play and sing all king of songs from  rock to soul, funk, pop, metal and hip hop.

anti-karaoke halloween party at monasterio

They describe it as “a weird fusion between a rock’n’roll concert, an underground karaoke and a Broadway show that changes all the time”. To find out more I guess you will need to try out this scary night yourself! Dressing up as the girl in the picture is just optional.

More info here.


Last we meet an Argentinian guy that was very excited about this the biggest eye contact experiment in his home country and was very happy when I told him that we will have it in Barcelona. My friend Alba likes to go out and force me to give her Guiris en Barcelona´s contact card and speak to new people with the excuse to introduce them to the project. If you find her one day no worries, she is usually harmless!


This event is going all around the World as a way of sharing a message for peace and human connection. The idea behind is to hold your look in front of a stranger and see the feelings and sensations that you get when staring at someone that you don´t previously know. The gathering will take place at Plaza del Sol. I think it´s something beautiful to do at least once in your life.

More info here.


If you structure your day you can do plenty of things, so our second proposal for Saturday is the Vinyl market at Raval. Easy plan to get lost for a little while you keep discovering the city, and who knows, find this something that you were looking for.

alternative plans in raval

It is an open event where you can bring your own vinyls, sell, exchange and play them while talking to the different people there and enjoying the music from several DJ´s. I do not think the organizers could find a better place for this kind of gathering.

More info here.


We could not finish the Saturday without proposing a Halloween party and that needs to be in the international Bar by excellence in Barcelona. I haven´t been to Belushi´s Barcelona lately but visited the London one a few times and it was one of the craziest places to party from Monday to Sunday.

dead idols party

Always full of international people and with great atmosphere it is a good option to put on your best outfit and enjoy a well deserved night out!  Do you already know what are you going to wear?

More info here.


End of the week, Sunday hungover, street food solution, you mix it with urban art and you have the perfect plan! Eat Street  will be part of the Open Walls Conference 2016 where they will merge forces for this event where you can find endless worldwide food options for less than 5€ and international urban art discussions and exhibitions all in one place.

food trucks and street art in barcelona

More info here.


That was it for this week, I hope I will find the time to do some of the events now that I finally found a flat to live in, seriously, going to some of the flats was scarier than most of my tinder dates. I hope the flat situation improves soon in this city, one of the reasons to come from London to here was life quality and Barcelona´s renting is not any better than London in money or health conditions. At least this is the only down part I find in this city, the rest is everything happiness, unicorns and rainbows!