BARCELONA AGENDA 17.10.16 – 23.10.16

There are so many events going on this week in Barcelona that is was quite difficult to choose from all the options. With the fall and winter season Barcelona’s agenda starts filling up with lots of cultural and musical events, always campaigned by good food, markets and some outdoors activities.

Every now and then we will recommend some adventures outside the city for you to enjoy this wonderful place that is Catalonia.  From Costa Brava to all the beautiful villages in Lleida, touching frontier with France, passing by the different natural parks, lakes and wine regions. Now is that the heat is coming down but we still have beautiful and sunny weekends is the perfect occasion to get lost.

In the meantime, let´s enjoy the agenda for this week!


I have recommended the Rabipelao in Gracia for drinks and I am happy to say that I recently tried out the food (twice) and it’s amazing. Arepas is the only Venezuelan specialty I tried before and they are pretty good there. Last week I tried out their dish Pabellón Criollo and my friend the Ceviche, and I can say that they are both to die for, my plate was a big over-sized for dinner so you better go in a hungry day!

rabipelao gracia, raval and gotico

This same friend went to their restaurant in Raval  the same week and loved it, the menu is the same as the one in Gracia, and it just changes the location and the decoration, although they follow the same style. There is a third Rabipelao in Gothic area so you can try out the three of them and brag in front of your friends as I will do ?

More info here.


This festival was hiding away from me and did not find it until I check Filmoteca de Catalunya website to see what was going on this week. This festival has been on already for 16 editions bringing closer to people different thematic as homophobia, sexist societies, transgender, and AIDS.

barcelona film festival

Every year they invite a city to representing their values though cinema. This year we are counting with the presence of Israel, helping us understand the position of gay, lesbian and transgender in societies where homosexuality is forbidden. FICGLB keeps working and showing the talent from Catalan directors and this year we count with  the premier of the movie Salvaje Despertar, from Joanfer Martón.

Every day from 9.30pm we can enjoy a series of short movies from all around The World. Check out the program here for Tuesday until Sunday 23rd of October when the festival will close down the doors until next year.


Wednesday is the day of the week when is it OK to start drinking to forget about Monday and Tuesday, that´s why it is called “winesday”, but in this occasion we will swap wine for beer and celebrate Oktoberfest (I know, it looks like the never ending story, no worries, soon will be done so we can start preparing for Halloween, yay!).

best oktoberfest celebration in barcelonaEntry to the Oktoberfest celebration at La Fira is free, all the normal tables are already booked and they only have a few VIP tables left that include a food menu and a jag of beer for 21€. They also have some space for those who did not book in advance so hopefully you can get there without waiting too long!. Apart from all kind of beer you will find live music and some barbarian food.

More info here.


There are plenty of exhibitions on Thursday, among all of them I really like the idea behind Proyecto Eclipse, the inauguration of a new project by the hand of tattoo artists Carlo, Rotor y David Tejero where you can see the work from the three of them and have the chance to buy some of their pieces.

proyecto eclipse

As any cool event in Barcelona there will be some great music coming from Your Grace, they suit this event theme perfectly and for sure your will not leave you indifferent. Great plan to do something different on a Thursday night, have a couple of drinks and meet some interesting people.

More info here.


We never forget about beer lovers, mainly because we love beer ourselves and don´t miss the chance to attend any event including this liquor.

all black barcelona black beer festival

Mikkeller Bar Barcelona is well known in the city and World guide for their artisan beer and their continuous beer events in their installations situated in Carrer de Valencia. A great way to start the night and move on to the next party 😉

More info here.


Barcelona is feeling quite musical during all this month of October and surprises us with different options around the city. It called my attention this Fabricarte event where they will mix a calligraffiti and drawing exhibition with plenty of shows and bands along the night.

fabricarte 1 at la nau

The entrance is only 6 euros and you will have the chance to tip every band depending on how much you like them. Among the bands playing in this first edition they will count with Shadow Sessions, I saw them this summer at the Pulitzer Hotel rooftop terrace  and we had a great time, love their style and energy. If all the bands coming on Friday are as good as them I am in!

More info here.


I think this is the first market I attended last year, I was working that time in Via Laeitana and had this event right by the office in Avinguda de la Catedral.

artisan products and catalan gastronomy

It is a great day plan to explore the city and force yourself to leave your comfy bed on a Saturday while enjoying amazing artisan products and Catalan gastronomy.

More info here.


The plan at night will come by the hand of The Canary Sect, a Spanish band singing in English and Spanish with a  60´s rhythm in  a fun and cheeky style.

I used to go to plenty of concerts like this in my home town Almería, they where usually outdoors or by the beach but I think is not a bad option to do this one in doors since our beloved summer is gone…

They will be playing at New Underground Bcn and entry is only 7€! More info here.


Escena Poble Nou is a multidisciplinary festival of contemporary performing arts, using as the background today´s society reality. The festival aim is to find new stage languages, new drama and new ways of relating to audiences while remind committed to culture and society.

handle with care

They already count with 15 years in the scene of Poble Nou and they count with plenty of shows, activities and workshops. You can check here the program and see what kind of activities are you interested in. The events takes place from Thursday 20th until Sunday 23rd there will be shows for kids and adults. I like the dance show  called Handle with care on Sunday at 6pm at Plaza de Sant Bernat Calbó (and it is free!)


Halloween is around the corner and you will need and outfit, stop resisting it. I know you are the kind of person that thinks that is too old for this and then go out with the cool friends dressing up and regrets not having your own…

Halloween market in barcelona

Well you don´t need to be that person this year, check out the Horror Market for some ideas and a little bit of fun 😉

More info here.

Full agenda for this week of October, enjoy your time out as much as you can since we are supposed to get the coldest winter in I do not know how many years… ☮ & ❤