BARCELONA AGENDA 10.10.16 – 16.10.16

Good news for music lovers, this week we woke up a bit musical so there are many plans to enjoy Barcelona from the rhythm point of view. Some of the options to sit down and enjoy the shows and  other options (my favorites ones) to move your body and sing like crazy. There are some cultural and food plans as well, so reserve the energy for your favorite ones!


I was not a big fun of trying out new things involving body movement in a group with no alcohol involved. I love dancing and moving the body but as most of the people I feel a bit self conscious when I do it in front of a group of strangers.

That was until last Friday that I tried out the lesson at Sala Dana with Energy Centrer movement and even if I felt ridiculous at the begging and got the giggles I absolutely loved the experience and felt amazing after that.


On Monday La Brincadera is opening their doors to the public to try out a free class and move a bit your skeleton. They will do a mix of different styles from, classic, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, funk, salsa, African rhythms etc. The objective is to loosen up and find out more about your own body.

The class is free but you need to book in advance! More info here.


Red bull is organizing a huge festival in Barcelona starting on Tuesday with all kind of music styles from electronic music to opera passing by hip hop and other unconventional styles. The best thing about this festival is not only the music but the locations, every concert of the week will be host in different and special places around the city.RBMA Weekender Barcelona 2016

On Tuesday we will have the show of Diamanda Galás at Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. Dimanda is a total fighter  with an extremely personal style.  She is an avant-garde soprano (quite unconventional) apart from composer, pianist, organist performance artist and painter. She has been described as  “capable of the most unnerving vocal terror”.  Diamanda has been working quite hard on different topics such as AIDS, mental illness, despair, injustice, condemnation and loss of dignity. For sure a spectacle that will touch you and make you think.

Check out the full agenda here to find out who else is playing and the amazing venues that you can enjoy 😉

P.S: Wednesday 12th is the Spain National Day so most of us won´t need to work, the perfect occasion to have a cheeky night during the week!


CCCB faithful to their compromise with Barcelona´s society is inviting everybody for a special party at their building on Wednesday. Under the title Soundie they will have the presentation of the Soundie Music Award 2016,  with some live music, video clips presentations and encounters with music experts.

entrega de premios soundie 2016 CCCBThis event will come from the collaboration between CCCB, La Cupula Music and Mecal. A perfect occasion to visit the venue if you haven´t been there yet, enjoy some free shows and learn more about the music industry.

The event will run from 4 until 12pm so you have plenty of time to enjoy your free day and visit them at any time.

More info here.


There are many cool plans happening on Thursday and it was difficult to choose but the answer was obvious when I saw that Muchachito is coming to Razzmatzz.

Muchachito Bombo infierno is my favorite Spanish band, I have seen them like three times in the same summer and went nuts every time. They have a super happy style with easy lyrics and amazing rhythms, it’s the perfect concert to see in the beach beer in hand and their show is always spectacular. Jairo Perera (Muchachito) does lots of collaborations with many artist and bands in the national scene such us Kiko Veneno and Los Delincuentes. After playing in different venues “solo” he launched his new album that is going to present it this Thursday in Razzmatazz.

More info and tickets here.


The foodies option of the week comes by the hand of Barcelona BBQ Festival where you can find the best grilling kitchens in the city in one location. As it is usual in this kind of events in our beloved Barcelona there will be lots of food and drinks to choose from as well as some music and exhibitions. The festival will be on during Saturday as well which will be perfect to recover from Friday´s hungover!

food, music and culture

The founder, Brian Heinen is American and he moved here for thirteen years ago, since then he has been promoting the art of grilling in the city. Now a days he and his market are a total reference in Barcelona and it is very refreshing to have international people promoting and making bigger some of the traditions that we already have in Spain and setting us into the international BBQ map.

More info here.

There is a humor show as well called Viejovenes (with which I feel quite recognized). The show celebrates the 12 anniversary of the duet Los Muchachos, formed by Ernesto Sevilla and Joaquín Reyes, two of the best Spanish humorists. Here is a video of their work with Muchachada Nui.


You can this show until Sunday, there are only few tickets left so check it out quick! More info here.


For those staying in Barcelona there are plenty of things to do during the weekend, one of the best events is the second edition of this incredible fair in Barcelona. Every body loves the vermut and aperitivo and the guys from Vadevermut are making it easy for everybody to enjoy it during a whole weekend.

vermut and vegan aperitivoFor the past edition they served more than 25.000 vermuts to more than 5000 people, which is a very good drinking ratio. This time, apart from this and others delicious drinks and apperitives they will have some workshops, one called “what kind of vermut are you” to find out more about this typical Spanish drink and taste different ones. They also have some cooking lessons related to vermut and the tradition surrounding this art. If you are interested in those activities you better book soon, some of them are already sold out!

More info here.

There are several tapas night in different markets around the city, I recommend you the one in my old neighborhood Hostafrancs, super close to Plaza España 😉


Everybody knows my love for Casa Gracia and it could not be other way since they always organize so many cool things (and their food is divine).

jumble market mercat solidari casa gracia

This time they come up with a Jumble Market event where you can find the creations from different design artist in clothing, jewelry, eye wear, decoration, and a long etc. What is even cooler about this event is that is a solidary market and will share the benefits with Nexe Fundació, focus on helping infants nationally and internationally.

More info here.

For the intrepid ones there will be a Oktoberfest celebration at The Beerket, if you stil can fit some more beer is a good option to celebrate your Sunday 😉

As you can see we are trying to introduce more plans for the weekend so you can choose among different options (that was a special request from my friend Audric). Hopefully that will help everybody to know Barcelona better, impress some friends and/or dates and as usual, to have some fun (because we only live once and staying at home in Barcelona is not an option!). ☮ & ♥