BARCELONA AGENDA 3.10.16- 9.10.16

Every now and then we like to do a theme for some of the weeks to spice things up. This week we put a lot of energy on a green and conscious agenda with social, alternative and closer plans for everybody to enjoy the new Barcelona, one of the most modern cities in Europe, standing out in areas as veganism, local commerce and sustainability.


It’s being a few weeks that I want to try out this Meat free Mondays event organized by  The Tatami Room in their Paral·el´s Restaurant where they propose an amazing menu with different kind of starters, ramen, sushi and vegan desserts.

meant free mondays ramen

Meat Free Mondays is an initiative lunched in 2009 by Paul McCartney´s family trying to make people more conscious about the amount of resources used on fish and meat production. It is not that much about turning everybody vegetarian but about having one day per week free of meat to help balance human environmental impact, working on the preservation of natural resources.

The restaurant has a first come first served policy so we recommend to get there early!

More info here.


This is one of the places that has impacted me the most in Barcelona. I found it one day while running late for a date and fell totally in love with the place. It is an open space in the middle of born with super cute tables and decoration. They do lost´s of classes and workshops every month that range from cooking for busy parents to Syrian or Moroccan cuisine.

social bars in barcelona

This project was born 12 years ago and since then they have been focus on helping and developing people in risk of social exclusion. Mescladís  counts with a cooking school where they teach hospitality (cooking and waitressing) to all those with legal issues in the country and help them find a job. They are very focus on art involving children and adults in different communities. Mescaldís bets as well for sustainability and proximity, buying most of their ingredients from ecological gardens, local producst and small shops in the neighborhood. Quite of a big challenge and they are doing great, wish them the best of luck to keep going with this beautiful initiative.

More info here.


Casal De Joves Queix, a non profit organization founded and run by young people in the neighborhood of L’Esquerra l’Eixample are constantly promoting different activities aiming to an active, sustainable and collaborative way of living.

concious movies in barcelona

This week they will be showing at their space in Rocafort the film La Ruta del Tomàquet,      a documental movie that shows the actual situation of agriculture, specially related to tomatos in Catalunya and how globalization is affecting everybody´s way of living and eating. The film starts talking about organic agriculture, something that a few years ago did not exist since no one was using chemical products to grow fruits and vegetables.

During the event there will be some ecological and local farming products to try them out. More info here.


A couple of weeks ago I met the guys from La Besnéta and they are great. La Besnéta is a vegetarian cake shop run by Daniela and her young team in Gracia. They are super approachable people, always happy to answer any question about their work and how did they opened this beautiful space quite recently.

best vegan sweets in gracia, barcelona

La Besnéta have all the options that you can imagine in a vegan and gluten free shapes from different kind of cakes as  cheesecake or  carrot cake to cookies and cupcakes. In Daniela´s own words, people go nuts about some of the desserts.

I can say that their vegan tiramisu is incredible, I was eyeing the brownie and I think that bad boy is coming home with me next time…


Coming back to the routine is always hard. This time of the year lots of us start focusing in the gym and new activities to burn down the summer beers and prepare for the shorter days. If you are looking for something different from the typical yoga, pilates and zumba you might enjoy this option at Sala Dana.

sala dana centres d'energia free class

The teacher, Montse, is an incredible lady, super energetic and the kind of person that transmit a good vibe every time she is around. She  will help you take out the stress through music, movement, expressions, rhythm, relaxation and meditation. This Friday they have a free lesson to try it out and see if this is the kind of class for you.

She is the person who will be doing the movement classes during the event where we are preparing next week in the country side, a good option to check it out and talk to us prior the weekend gateway!

More info here. To book your space contact



If you have been living in Barcelona for a while and you haven´t visit El Flea yet this is the best chance that you got. Flea Market is the biggest second hand market in the city and started the new season with a new structure, everybody is welcome to sell their second hand items (previous booking) there and have fun during the day at their amazing location close to Museo Marítimo.

el flea 8 de octubre plaça blaquerna

El Flea was born in 2007, since then the organizers are quite involved in local commerce, most of them work in different projects around the city connecting different activities such as art, music and design. When you go to the market it feels like getting lost in a space full of clothes, accessories, books, vinyls  and decoration all in a  mix of old, vintage and modern style. 

More info about the market and how to get your stand here.


It looks like we are going to have at least couple of  cool markets per weekend. I have seen some flyers in different parts of the city about Greenmood Market and I really want to see what all the hassle is about!

vegan, art, design, healthy fair barcelona

Those guys are being working hard and they propose quite of a full agenda with different stands promoting local agriculture, organic consumption, artisan and natural goods. Among all the things you can find in the market you will be surprised with fashion, gastronomy, design, cosmetics, music, activities and lifestyle tricks.

So looking forward to meet them! More info about the market here.


This “festa” at Parc de la Guineueta is the perfect occasion to get more involved in the Catalan culture at the same time that you join a day full of activities, music, vermut and fun.

best neighborhood festivities in barcelona

Among the activities that you can enjoy on Sunday you can find street shows, rock climbing, workshops, social talks, a barter market where people can exchange different items, circus shows and some local food by the hand of Centro Cruilla.

More info here.
We hope you enjoyed our green selection this week and help everybody be more attached to Earth and all the new movements that are trying to improve The World we live in! If you like the agenda for this week we invite you to like it and share on Facebook so more people can be aware of those plans! ☮ & ♥