BARCELONA AGENDA 26.9.16 – 2.10.16

Autumn  is here  and I have to say that  I fell into a little depression when I had to say goodbye to my flipflops and say hi to the cardigan (sigh). Thank goodness we live in Barcelona and we can still enjoy the outdoor activities most of the days.

The agenda for this week is bringing some old events back, which I am very excited about and I found some other walking in the street and talking to people, which I prefer than spending hours in front of my laptop… As usual, hope you enjoy the selection for this week!


The more time I spend in Gracia the more I love the neighborhood. Last week we explored it a bit more and I discovered many cool places for different occasions. La Ikas, in Carrer la Perla, opened quite recently and the space they are using is beautiful. Laura, the owner, is a very kind an approachable lady, super chary with her costumers and the business.

vegan events in barcelona

They count with a great inside terrace, an old piano and lots of space. The food served  is quite conscious with gluten free and vegan options. It´s alcohol free as well so it´s the perfect place for breakfast and lunch or an easy dinner before going out. They organize several events, workshop and concerts and I believe they are quite open for new partnerships. La Ikas count as well with a little space full of toys and coloring stuff so you can go with the small’s ones in the house to have some fun!

More info here.


I am so happy that those guys are back! Short Cut Cine and Jägermeister was one of the first events we attended last year when I moved to Barcelona and helped me build the idea about this agenda agenda (well, the idea really came from my friend Alba who destroyed all my weekends :p). The organizers are great, super friendly and you can see that they love what they do.

short cut cine & jagermeister

Having a shot of Jäger on a school day during the films break is quite interesting… they have a bar as well so it´s a good way to have a cheeky and fun Tuesday. Inusual Project, the place where this event is taking place usually fills quite soon so I recommend you to go early, grab a drink from the bar and a good spot. They bring short movies from all around the world in different languages covering a wide range of styles and forms.

More info here.


We went to the fourth episode of this party during the Off Week back in Spring and it was amazing! Metric Market is quite active at generating all kind of events in their incredible venue and this time they are building the Genesis of The World in their underground club with the different steps of Creation.

genesis capitulo V animales

This is the turn for animals to arrive in The Earth or, in this case, to Metric Market. During their fifth day of creation they will have the Rumanian artist Saddo turning the place into a savage world where humans and animals interact. In previous editions they had free beer, great music and lots of beautiful people having fun.


More info here.


The first thing that called my attention in this show was the name (which I am not sure I am able to translate or I should…).  Have not been to this show yet but it seems wild and shameless, using a quite sarcastic and free kind of humor, just the way we like it.

Mandanga Molona show para reir en sala gironaThey show´s theme is “back to school” and  the evil month of September with all the back to reality that it involves. You know Spanish people make fun of everything to make things easier so if you are involved into a post vacacional turn down you might consider going to this event. The organizers are Venga monjas, a couple of “bros” that have been doing humor for many years( you can check them out on YouTube), and the place Sala Girona.

More info here.


What would be the beginning of October without the celebration of Oktoberfest? For us is another excuse to go out and drink beer, something that anyway we do almost every day…

where to go to celebrate oktoberfest in Barcelona

There will be a big Oktoberfest fair from the 12th until the 26th of October at La Fira de Montjuic. If you don´t want to wait that long to start the celebration there  are a few breweries in Barcelona and they are preparing big stuff for those days.

Napar Bcn will be celebrating from the 29th of September serving plenty of great beer, as usual.

During Saturday and Sunday  we can find several beer gathering such us the ones at El Ateneu del Clot and Black Lab.

Happy Celebration beer lovers!


My friends are not much into Jazz  so I forget the big culture that there is in Barcelona about this music style and every time I go to one of those events is absolutely packed. I love the idea about this festival with 12 hours of Jazz non stop and lots of food trucks.

best jazz music and food trucks festival in Barcelona

I went to Parc de la Ciutadella twice last week to enjoy the food there and I can see that some of the food trucks are repeating for this experience. I don´t want to condition you but last week I was between a Californian burger or a Peruvian one, one of my friends almost forced me to have the Peruvian alleging that it was one of the best meals he had ever tried (apparently he is a food truck expert) ad OMG, that was soooo good, another friend got the American one and was eyeing mine with jealousy written all over his face… If you go to this event find the truck Warike ( I love you guys).

More info here.


This is the show the coolest people in Barcelona where waiting for! As the name give you a hint, this event will be about anything with wheels from bikes to cars.

arte sobre ruedas, car and bike show

Of course, they cannot miss everything related to cool cars and bikes, so there will be tattoos, best painting contest, customized bikes and dancing exhibitions. Did you think they forgot about the food? Of course not! There will be some food trucks as in any good celebration in Barcelona to try out cuisine from different parts of the world.

More info here.

Did I already say that I am totally in love with this city?

Fingers crossed that the weather and rain will let us enjoy all those events, cannot believe that after 5 years in London I became super Spanish again all in a sudden and if it rains a bit I stay home. To be honest, I never learned to walk with the umbrella and don´t like it. When you come from the dessert (Almería) it´s quite difficult to adapt to the rain.  In Almería if it rains a lot people don´t go outside, adults don´t go to work and kids don´t need to go to school. Isn´t it amazing? Not the case for Barcelona… so cheer up and see you around!