FIESTAS DE GRACIA 15.8.16- 21.8.16

I have heard so much about Las fiestas de Gracia that I cannot believe they are already here! I had a few walk-around the neighborhood this week and it was quite cool to check out how they are preparing everything for us to go and have some fun.

There are a few main streets and squares where all the magic will be happen. This week we will focus the agenda in the different things to do in Gracia that  we consider to be cooler. There will be parties and activities almost 24/7, you can always come around and get lost, or if you prefer to go straight to the point, you can follow Guiris En Barcelona agenda.  Hope that you enjoy our selection!


First day of the party and some of the streets are starting at 8 am. I know, it sounds crazy and terrible early to start drinking, but this is Spain, any occasion is a good occasion to celebrate and have a few wines 😉

8.00 Carrer Ciudad Real | Traca, Coca ad Moscatel

Basically they will start the party with small fireworks, coca (stop thinking the worst, no drugs are allowed and for your information is a traditional Catalan sweet) and wine. Probably is a good idea if you have your morning coffee before leaving home.

17.00 – 2.30 Carrer Libertat | Taco Electrónico

If you think that you will be able to have a quiet meal in any restaurant during this week forget about it. Taco Electronico doesn’t want you to stop the party  and that´s why they are organizing this event with electronic music and tacos so you can party and eat at the same time! This is genious!

tacos and electronic music party in barcelona

More info here.

19.00 Carrer Joan Blanques de Baix | Artisan Beer elaboration

Told ya, everything is about drinking and eating (and some cultural stuff no worries). At Carrer Joan Blanques they invite you to join their class about Artisan Beer Elaboration, not a bad plan for a Monday after work, right?

23.00 Carrer Fraternitat de Dalt | Karaoke

I have a friend who lives in Gracia and will love this plan (you know who you are). There are plenty of opportunities for Karaoke during the whole week but Monday is as well a good day to try it out (plus if you follow the agenda every day you might lose your voice by the end of the week, so the sooner the better!)


Second day we tried to  focus in more cultural stuff and less drinking so you can go through the whole week, not sure if we succeeded…

10.00 – 21.00 Passeig Sant Joan | Fira d´artesans

There will be a few markets around the streets as well from Monday to Sunday where you can find all kind of artisan and hand made products as well as typical Catalan. One of them will be at Passeig Sant Joan. We will check it out and share some pictures on Facebook and Instagram!

12.00 Carrer Libertat | Vermut Musical Mariani

There cannot be a good party in Barcelona without Vermut and the guys at Carrer Libertat now that. Join them for a couple of cheeky ones on Tuesday to keep going through the day!

18.00- 21.00 Carrer de Verdi | T-Bags & Bags & Sueño Tierra 

Verdi Verd wants to join the big party with some new products at their space. They will be welcoming you with cocktails and some music while you explore their unique space. If you didn’t have the time to see their exhibition Danifilias & Sisfobias you are still on time!

art exhibition and cocktails tuesday 16th of august

More info here.

19.00 Carrer la Perla | Street Art Exhibition (Endzlab show room and gallery).

The guys from Enzlab are quite active, you have probably seen them at Brunch in the Park festival every Sunday. I really like the concept and their work in the shop, quite innovative and different. Taking advantage of the festival they invite everybody to their space for a street art exhibition.


Middle of the week for the working class and another day in my personal debate to go to the gym or just have a walk-around Gracia instead…

13.00  Plaza Poble Romani  | Gran Fideuà  popular i Sobretaula Rumbera

One of my favorite spaces during this festival is Plaza Poble Romaní or Plaza de la Rumba Catalana where they are celebrating the 600 anniversary of the arrival of the gypsy community to Barcelona and their heritage to the city. On Wednesday there is a yummy public Fideuà and some music to accompany the event!

19.00-23.00 Plaza Rovia i Trias | Error! Fest

The Gallery and design study Error! Are the ones in charge of this big party at Plaza Rovia i Trias with three bands: Niña Coyote y Chico Tornado, Bullit and Ferran Palau with music involving from stoner, indie, punk rock to folk. Quite of a cool plan for a Wednesday, right?

error! fest

More info here.

21.00 Carrer Ciudad Real | Sardinada popular

And a bit more of eating is on the agenda, this time with a Sardine barbecue in the street Ciudad Real. Little bit of drinking, little bit of eating and good vibes all around.


Thursday presents itself pretty quiet… never trust this kind of days, they are the naughtier!

14.30 Carrer Progrés |  Paella Popular (with ticket)

You might be wondering where did I get all this privilege information… well I bough the festival magazine and spent an entire morning selecting all the plans that I would personally do, as this paella thingy, basically because I love paella. The booklet says that you need a ticket, where to get it? That´s a mystery…

19.00- 20. 30  Carrer de Verdi | El Combat de les birres at La Festival 

We have joined La Festival in a couple of their events at Casa Gracia, this week their are using their own amazing installation  to do a beer tasting for all the gold liquid lovers.

el combat de les birres at la festival

The price is 12€ and you will need to book in advance! More info here.

23.00 Carrer Joan Blanques de Baix | Cinema a la fresca : Dirty Dancing

Don´t act as you don’t like this movie, everybody loves it and that´s a fact. You have the option to join any of the parties, go home or watch Dirty Dancing with our beloved Patrick Swayze a la fresca. I choose the last one!


18.30 Carrer Berga | Course Gin Tonic mixing / 19.00 Carrer Puigmari  |Wine Tasting D.O.

It´s Friday so either way you are going to get tipsy, just need to choose if you are more the wine or gin tonic kind of person. I am both so it’s a very difficult decision ….

19.00- 24.00 Jardins de la Sedeta | Festigàval 

This is a two days festival starting on the 18th at the same time at La Sedeta and its for free! How cool is that Gracia have their own festival inside their festival?

festigabal festival at la sedeta barcelona

The bands playing are Bigott, Futuro Terror, Les Sueques and Los Ganglios. The same as for the previous days I haven´t listen to any of those bands ever but I love discovering new ones so we will see you around!

More info here.

23.00  Carrer Fraternitat de Baix | Les Ghordettes present “They prefer them fat” Teather- comedy- burlesque-clown

Some theater to keep it mixed and fun with this show They prefer them fat. I like how that sound 😉


12.00 – 15.00 Carrer Libertat | No es Moco de Pavo Vermut 

Another Vermut party to enlighten your days, this time by the hand of No es Moco de Pavo and lots of music with Infiesta , MaRIAsÓ , Mery Lemon and Muere Bichito! Cannot wait to see how does guys are going to surprise us!

no es moco de paco vermut and concerts

More info here.

12.00 – 18.00 Torrent de les Flors | Mercat d’il·lustradors at Cara B

We went to Cara B last week to watch an anime movie and loved the place. Apparently they do a lot of cultural things! This week they will welcome you with an Ilustration market in their amazing bar and garden 😉

cara b

More info here.

14.30 Carrer Fraternitat de Dalt | Botifarraa popular d´Invernalia (reservation is needed)

Carrer Fratenitat is dressing up as Game of Thrones and celebrating an Invernalia Butifarra day, way too cool!


12.00 Carrer Fraternitat de Baix | Family games

There are lots of kids activities every morning around the different “carrers” from foam parties, drawing, dressing up contest and all kind of competitions. Sunday is family day so you can enjoy this time with the young ones in the house.

19.45/ 23.15 Plaza Vila de Gràcia | Correfocs

This is one of those super typical traditions in Catalunya that you need to see once in your life time. They have two sessions, one at 19.45 for kids and the adults one at 23.15. I could explain you what this is about but I think its better if you go and check it yourself 😉

2.00 Different streets | Traca Fi de Festa

To close the party different streets in the neighborhood will celebrate with fireworks,  something beautiful to see, and if you live in Gracia (as I do) something that you better go and watch since you won´t be able to sleep…


That´s it for this week, as you can see there is no need to leave Gracia to have fun. We tried to cover all kind of activities for all kind of taste so hopefully you enjoy the selection.

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