BARCELONA AGENDA 8.8.16-14.8.16

We got tickets on Saturday for Escape in the Park festival in Girona and absolutely loved it! There was a great  vibe and everybody was super friendly. One of the best things was  that wonderful bus taking us home in the morning! Hope they make it next year and we are here to go again!

This week looks pretty good with a great balance between parties and cultural stuff, most of the things are for free so you have no excuse to go out and enjoy Barcelona!


La Taberneta is the first place my friends and I used to visit during our first weeks in Barcelona. Most of them work for a company in the neighborhood and they get discount. Coming from London and having  beer at 1,50€ killed all our plans to go out and meet Barcelona’s real party (basically we weren´t able to make it further than the taxi home).

best tapas place in Barcelona
Picture from Taberneta

This bar became famous last year when Chicote, the Spanish version of Gordon Ramsay (Hell´s kitchen) had a huge fight with the previous owner Walter. A few months ago they changed owners, did some refurbishment and improved the menu.

The person in the kitchen, Luis (my future husband), is the best! super friendly, funny and of course, very good at cooking. His beef with padron peppers and the ceviche are spectacular. Everybody, the owner and the stuff and very welcoming and fun, plus they have a terrace if you are lucky enough to grab a table!

More info here.


Love this initiative from CCCB and Gas Natural Fenosa. As you could see there are different film activities a la fresca this summer. We went to watch an independent movie to Barceloneta, went to Silken Diagonal Terrace and Poble Espanyol for Mecal Festival and enjoy the movie and concert in Sala Montjuic.

outdoors summer film festival barcelona
Picture from CCCB

CCCB surprises us with a program from the 9th until the 25th of August based on the seventh deadly sins (and a few others). “Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride and other slips are the germ of the films in this cycle. They guide the characters and spark amazing stories. I Have Sinned is an ideal selection of films for the summer, the ultimate season for temptation”.

There are different dates and themes. On Tuesday they will be playing Laberinto de Pasiones from Almodovar to recreate Lust. Hope to see you around!

More info here.


Being on indefinite holidays is amazing, I am having a lot of time to explore and discover Barcelona (finally) and if there is a thing that I like is rooftops. I don´t know what this city has but it’s beautiful being up there and observe all the buildings, the sea and the different neighborhoods. Every rooftop has a different view and orientation so I wonder what will be able to see from this one.

best roof party in barcelona during the week
Picture from Reinassence Barcelona Hotel

On Wednesday (be carefull, it´s still school day) there is a cheeky party at Hotel Renaissence with what they call the best service, music and cocktails in Barcelona. Perfect plan if you are here on holidays or right after work to forget about your bosses and keep enjoying this beautiful city. The organizers are We Sound, I was checking their Facebook page and the previous parties look very cool, cannot wait for this one!

More info here.


One of my favorites shops, Urban Outfitters, is preparing a big party on Thursday. Writing the blog and trying to find an event for Thursday that everybody can enjoy made me think if I might be a bit “old” for this kind of things.

party inside urban outitters shop barcelona
Picture from Urban Outfitters

Then I thought I don’t really care, love all that those guys do, their clothes, accessories and home decor are just amazing, love their style and the people working at their shops are the coolest. To celebrate their awesomeness they are bringing two band that represent pretty much their style, Heather and Acción Diplomática and Dead Moon Records DJ. Of course, there will be some drinks by the hand of Estrella Damn. Party starts at 7 until 10, don´t miss out!

More info here.


I recently discover Plan B, a platform for people who travel alone but want to do it as part of a group. They organize several activities, among them this one in Barceloneta to discover this old neighborhood and how it evolved from 1753 until today.

discover barceloneta by the hand of locals

There will be a couple of hours of walking around and learning more about Barceloneta, and of course, after that and as good travelers there will be some wines after. To buy the tickets online you need to register in their platform for free to pay only 8€ for the activity or you can pay straight away on Friday to the guide who will be waiting at Barceloneta underground station (10€).  See you around!

More info here.


So excited about this event on Saturday. I have heard about Casa Bonay before and it was on my to do list. They are making it very easy with this Asadito de Verano party where they will be serving Mexican food in their rooftop aka  Chiringuito.

best mexican food in barcelona
Picture from Casa Bonay, Artwork by Tana de la Torre


Food will come by the hand of Enrique Olvera from Pujol, (the nº25 of the world’s top restaurants), Cosme NYC and Estanislao Carenzo. Get ready for some mole, tacos, micheladas and much more. Why do I always write the blog before eating hours? Now I cannot wait for Saturday to enjoy this amazing food!

More info here.


We couldn’t finish the week without a good party. This one comes with a double score, beach party and electronic music.

Xiringuito Duna has been organizing several parties thorough the whole summer, they had a great one during Off week and wanted to go with a few friends but we were worried to not be able to make for Sonar festival on time.

This time, the party comes by the hand of Happy Techno, one of the biggest party and show organizers with base in Barcelona. Fun and good vibes is their motto, and now they are offering a free beach party, what else can you ask for?

best beach party at chiringuito duna
Picture from Happy Techno

Party will start at 5pm until 4.30am when it will moved to an after party at Sala Casino!

If you have a car you are the lucky kind and getting there is quite easy, if not, probably the best option is to go with a few friends to Prat Station and grab a taxi from there 😉

For more info about how to get there in the event check it out here.

Well, that´s all for the week, hope you enjoy your time in Barcelona as much as we do! Keep us posted about the best things to do and we will include them in the agenda! ☮ & ♥