BARCELONA AGENDA 18.7.16- 24.7.16

Thank goddess I get to write the blog from home this week, the nomad working thingy is kind of cool when you want to keep travelling and discovering new things but its exhausting! I rather prefer to write it from my new flat terrace in Gracia while the neighbor plays mariachis music (I hope it doesn’t turn into reggaeton).

Next week I will be in south Spain, which I love but its going to be sooooo hot! People, if you think weather in Barcelona is suffocating wait until September to go down south…

I am sure that you have noticed that different neighborhoods in Barcelona as Raval and Poble Sec have started their summer festivities, it´s always a good option to have a walk around and discover what´s up every day of the week. We saw some events that you might find interesting, let´s check them out! 😉


This is another initiative where you can see the compromise of this city with culture and artists. The festival organizers will give the opportunity to different song writers and unknown bands to perform in front of an audience who can donate money to their preferred performers.

song writer music festival in barcelona

Picture from Summer Acoustic website

There will be some  workshops  from professionals in the industry who will give free advice to all the “to be starts” playing in Barcelona during the month of July. There will be concerts all around the city so it’s a great idea to visit different spaces and discover new bars. On Monday most of the concerts are in Raval area so not a bad idea for a bar crawl around the neighborhood!

More info here!


There are too many words I like about this afterwork. After my first real vegan experience last week by the hand of Tribuvegana I feel closer to this kind of food and lifestyle. Is not like I am going to stop eating meat from one day to another but it is very interesting how easy is to cook amazingly tasty dishes in no time that make you feel good and healthy.

best vegan mexican food in barcelona
Picture from TikTaco

The innitiative of this restaurant is quite cool, appart from the vegan dishes everyhing is gloten free. I love Mexican food as well, specially if it comes by the hand of frozen margaritas! For sure going to TikTako on Tuesday, see you around!

More info here.


So I had to change the event on Wednesday because apparently not everybody was welcome to come even if they did an open event…

Instead let’s laugh about it and keep the party up in Poble Sec with a humor festival this Wednesday, perfect plan to relax a bit during the working week.

riu estiu

It has the shape of a street party with different bars outdoors so it seems quite cool, let’s check it out to see what’s cracking.

More info here.


I understand you cannot keep up with the partying and drinking every day of the week (specially if you have to work and are not the lucky one on holidays). Thus, its time to introduce something cultural in the agenda.

grec festival 2016 Barcelona
Picture from Grec Website

A couple of weeks ago we introduced GREC festival with a few events which will go on until the end of the month. They have different areas of performance as theater, music, dance, etc. One of the areas I enjoy the most is circus, I read great reviews about  Circus Klezmer, a show that has been travelling around The World and doesn’t leave anyone indiferent.  This is the only play thy will do in Barcelona!

Tickets are only between 15 and 20€, more info here.


Another one of my Tinder dates, this one a bit more successful (really liked the guy), brought me to El Rabipelao in Gracia. We went only for drinks because it was a first date and, as you know, getting dinner with strangers can get a bit awkward…

Picture from Rabipelao Website

We saw a lot of yummy looking food while we were there and now checking their website at 2pm  with an empty stomach is killing me. For sure I am going back there to try their Venezuelan dishes (cannot wait to have one of those arepas in my hands) , service was pretty nice, the bar decoration is quite unique and they have cocktails for dessert. Perfect plan for a Friday, right?

The place is quite small so you better book in advance just in case 😉

More info here.


Everybody loves roof parties, and this one is free so double score for the organizers! The event is run  by Juice Bcn and will be taking place at the terrace of Catwalk Barcelona.

best rooftop summer party in barcelona
Picture from Juice Bcn

To indicate that you want to join this party click “going “ on the event to directly go to the list, you might not need it but better cover your back in case is too full! 😉 I saw some pictures from their previous event and looks pretty good!

More info here.


La caja Fuerte is organizing plenty of events every week, this Sunday they are bringing the humorist Elías Puente, who will speak about the reasons why is he still single (I could give him some tips as well…)

monologue about the reasons why people are still single
Picture from La Caja Fuerte

The monologue will be in Spanish, as I always say, the perfect occasion to get more involved in the Spanish culture and meet some new and interesting people. It´s free for associates or 3€ to get your pass that will give you free access to more of their events 😉

More info here.

Hope you like the selection and have enough free time to go to the different events! Cheers ☮ & ♥