BARCELONA AGENDA 27.6.16-3.7.16

Huge news this week with The UK leaving Europe and sad days for all expats and travelers. London was my home for 5 years and it breaks my heart to see the fear and incapability of all my friends around the world living there.

It is very sad as well to see that was the elderly closing the door and breaking the dreams of all the younger Brits who won´t be able to live the experiences and opportunities we all had until today. Lots of people are already offering “free marriages” to make their friends remind, its kind of a joke at the moment but will be a reality very soon…

The Spanish government promised all the Brits living in Spain another 2 years with the same rights and permissions, we wish it didn’t have to be like this and we didn’t have to face a situation like this one.

Nevertheless,  is not my job to talk about politics but to entertain you, I hope the agenda for this week will help you put your mind somewhere else 😉


I am aware there are quite a few music lovers in the room and any day of the week is a good day to discover new things to do in Barcelona.

best Monday Brazilian party

Picture by D’DOM‎

This Monday we would like to propose you a Brazilian Jam Session at Sala Fizz, right in the city center. The will have life music coming from D´Dom and maybe some dance if you are brave enough!

More info here.


This is my first year in Barcelona so haven´t been the Pride yet, heard that is quite big though. If you are around its worth checking it out!

On Tuesday we will have the introduction to Barcelona´s Pride party with some music, performances and the reading of the announcement.

gay parade in Barcelona

This is just the beginning, there are plenty of parties thought July, we will keep you posted!

More info here.


Oggi gelatos are just the best ice creams that I have tried in my entire life, or it might just be that I am trying to work on my “bikini body” and when I indulge myself to an ice cream I think its just heaven.

It doesn’t really mater the reason, the gelato from Oggi is spectacular, they only use natural and organic products and make the gelato every day at their shop, what gives them an amazing result.

best ice cream in Barcelona
Picture from Oggi 

They are super friendly as well and let you taste as many flavors as you wish. I work very close to the shop and take a great effort to don´t run there every day after lunch….so far I am doing quite well…

My favorite combination is pistacchio and pulcinella, yum! By the way, you can find them at Carrer comtal, 15

More info about their flavors and creations here.


We all love roof parties, you just need to say the word roof in front of your friends or work colleagues and everybody is in. This one comes with a special twist, apart from music and drinks they will show a few Australian short movies and the premier of the winning film in their last event.

roof top party and networking event thursday 30th of june
Picture from Film Pitch

Film Pitch and LandScape Film Festival are the organizers. It’s an amazing place to do some networking and meet new people 😉

More info here.


Last Wednesday I went the Intrepid de Gracia with my lovely flatmates to celebrate the end of my master and that I am a free person now to dedicate more time to Guiris en Barcelona, yay!

They took me to one of their favorite places in our neighborhood and it was great! There was only one person on the floor, his name is Jonathan and is one of the most attentive professional I have ever seen. He gave us to try a few wines before letting us choose and explained everything about them.

best hipster restaurant e gracia
Pictures from Intrepid de Gràcia

The guy in the kitchen is not bad either, food was amazing. We had a few tapas to share and I wouldn’t  be able to tell you which one was my fav…Their nachos are amazing, same as their yummy mini burgers that just melt in your mouth. We followed that with Tuna Tataki and a Salad with Quinoa, chicken and teriyaki sauce.

To finish this lovely dinner we had a mix of desserts including the green tea cheesecake (#foodporn) an one of those chocolate cakes with melting chocolate in the inside and ice cream on the top (which name I cannot remember but I can feel your mouth watering…)

You can find more about this lovely place here.


This Saturday is taking place something called “Colaborative Vermut” at Ateneu del Raval with the aim to build a new community space that will help the neighborhood. There will three bands playing as well as a photography expo and a few more surprises:

ateneu del raval
Picture from Ateneu del Raval

The event will go on from 11 am until 10pm, and the price it´s only 2€ for associates or 4€ to all those who are interested in the project and want to collaborate.

More info here.


The Castellers is one of the oldest and biggest traditions in Calaunya. It is impressive to see how women, men and kids can build those huge human towels using only their strength.

unesco castellers in barcelona
Picture from Youtube

For sure is one of those things that you need to see once in your life. This Sunday, celebrating the Big Parade of Casc Antic you can enjoy this unique experience, part of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Try to behave yourself on Saturday, they will start at 12!

More info here and a little taste of what you can see here.


As usual, we hope you enjoy this week selection! Let us know which plan is your favorite!

☮ & ♥