BARCELONA AGENDA 30.5.16-5.6.16

This is a very important week for Barcelona, Primavera Sound Festival is opening its doors already on Wednesday for almost a week of fun and craziness. Do you already have your tickets?

Apart from the festival it´s a very important week for Guiris en Barcelona as well since we are launching our first event this Tuesday 31st at Sasha Bar. We hope to see you all there (or at least some of you, we can fit a maximum of 60 people!).

Here is the agenda for the week full of alternative and exciting things to do in Barcelona! 


MACBA is always organizing exhibitions and events with the aim to get closer to Barcelona´s people and looks like they finally did it with the successful exhibition PUNK, where they counted with more than 2200 people on their opening party.

best exhibition of the year in barcelona
Picture from MACBA website

Punk is a social movement that started in London and New York between 1976 and 1978 as a movement against the situation of that years claiming for anti-establishment views and the promotion of individual freedom. Maybe now a days you don’t find many people with the “punk style” in the streets but we keep feeling the same way.

Largely known as a music style there much more about Punk that just music and that is what MACBA wants you to see and discover.

More info here.


We are very excited to present our first event at Sasha Bar in collaboration with Chop&Change Barcelona!

The idea of Guiris en Barcelona was borne as a platform for international people to get closer to the Spanish culture and society through events and happening in Barcelona. After a while we thought, why don´t we start organizing events ourselves?

exchange unwanted items in barcelona with guiris en barcelona

The theme is a “life wallapop” where people bring something that they don´t use anymore and go home with something different and exciting. To spice things up we are doing a contest where you will have to upload a picture with your item and a bottle of the beer of the night “Brutus” and we will give away a six pack to the crazier participant!

More info about the event and the venue here.


Did you know that you can go to Primavera for free? Yes, that´s right, every year they organize a series of concerts around the city for everybody´s enjoyment. Obviously, if you want to see your favorite artist you probably need to pay but it´s pretty cool that you can attend some open air and private concert with “0” cost.

best festival in spain this summer, primavera sound barcelona

On Wednesday the opening party will take place at Parc del Fórum with artist such as:

free entrence for primavera sound festival opening on wednesday

From Friday until Sunday they have a full line up at Raval, in collaboration with CCCB. Check out the website to discover what you can see!


For those Guiris who are here on holiday or just not working on Thursday there is an awesome MeetUp activity to go around the coast by bike with a guide.

bike day out around barcelona´s coast
Picture by Bill Hussey

They will start at 10 in the morning to rent some bikes and cycle 3 hours around the coast, one stop for lunch at a chiringuito and then return. After the long day the courageous travelers will have a very well deserved sangria to bond with their travel companions. I hope they will do this kind of activity during weekends, would love to join!

More info here. If you are not a member yet you will need to register 😉


If you have been in Barcelona long enough for sure one of your Tinder dates took you to Bacoa trying to gain your heart (or maybe just a fun night) and impress you about their knowledge in good burgers. And they were right, burgers at Bacoa are pretty awesome.

best burguers in barcelona right by the beach
Picture from Bacoa Website

As a girl, I also love the decoration and atmosphere of all their restaurants in Barcelona. Potencial lovers, as you can see I am not that fussy, I am happy with a date at a Burguer place 😉

Nevertheless if you want to impress your date you should took them to the restaurant in Barceloneta, you just need to go inside to order your favorite combination and they will take your yummy food to their terrace in front of the sea!

I know, Barcelona is treating us very badly…


We love opening parties, they are usually crazy and lots of fun. If you convine all this with a new club, electronic music and open terrace you have the perfect plan to start the month of June.

open terrace and electronic music, june barcelona

Remember, don´t go crazy paying drinks for everybody just because its beginning of the month, otherwise at the end you will look like me this weekend, writing a blog while your friends go out on a boat trip or something like this…

By the way, the guys from Elekphant recommend you to bring your sunglasses because you will party until the sunrise!

More info here.


It was quite difficult to pick up the plan for Sunday, with this lovely weather it would be crazy to recommend you something indoors. At the same time, everybody is usually a bit hungover on Sundays so cannot go too hardcore.

street market in barcelona

After a lot of thinking came to the conclusion that the best option is having lunch at any terrace in Raval and having a walk-around Fleadonia to get some second hand stuff or just recreate your childhood with the objects you will find there.

More info here.

As you can see, there are plenty of parties and cool things to do in Barcelona all year long but as soon as the good weather arrives it goes up!

For all those worried about my flat situation I got a temporary room in Gracia. What would you recommend to do in the neighborhood? Save the joke, I am not going to join the riots…

Have a lovely week my favorite Guiris and don´t forget to enjoy this amazing city! ☮ & ♥