BARCELONA AGENDA 23.5.16-28.5.16

Every week in Barcelona is different, I love the fact you find international people in every corner, people who have lived experiences similar to yours and with the same adventurous spirit. Travelling is a treasure and sometimes I don’t realize how lucky we are since we can afford it and do it a few times every year.

One of the things I like the most about Barcelona is the great amount of interesting stores, restaurants and little shops (bakeries, jewelry, clothes, design, etc) that you can find in every street. I haven’t been in any city with so much variety, on the top of this here the sun accompanies us almost every day.

We are going to start telling you more about our favorite’s shops and places soon, we hope you will like it! In the meantime, I will leave you with this week´s agenda selection 😉


Pint of Sciences is an initiative from a group of scientists who organize a beer and talk festival for three days in a raw around several World cities. Different experts will talk about their latest experiments and findings with a beer on their hand.

pint of science in Barcelona 2016

Obviously, the idea came from two researcher from Imperial London College where they invited some patience affected by Parkinson, Alzheimer and Sclerosis to their lab in order to show them what they were doing. Everybody was very satisfied with the experience so they decided to take it to the next level and do it more accessible to everybody, and, as good English workers decided that beer is always a good match!

Here you can find the agenda for the week and the different talks on Monday 😉


I went to have a slice of pizza at La Pizza del Born making some time for an afterwork and got very upset when I saw that there was a tapas festival around Barcelona and I didn’t know about it!

tapas route in barcelona, spring 2016

There are 100 different tapas for only 2,5€ around all Barcelona, I was taking a look online and all of them just look super yummy! It is true that I love eating so I will have whatever they put in front of me…

Probably you are not a big fan of downloading apps on your phone but I recommend to download the app from “Gastronosfera” to make your life easier. They use the picture of the tapa offered in every restaurant so you can guide your tummy from what your eyes see 😉

The Tapes per Barcelona route will be on until the 29th of May and as usual, Estrella Damn is involved so that´s the beer you will find everywhere.

More info in the app or here.


Have you seen Amy´s documentary? I only was able to watch it this year even if it was one of those things on my to-do list and I was strongly touched! I have been talking about the film for months so my friends are a bit tired of me… but I think is just great the way they walk us through her life with little pieces of videos recording her since Amy´s teenage until her last days.

documentaries festivals in Barcelona 2016

Docs Barcelona Festival wants to bring closer documentary movies to Barcelona´s population. For this reason they are creating a huge program in collaboration with Aribau and CCCB full of activities and films from the 23rd until the 29th of May. If you want to know more about what you can see and enjoy follow this link.


We all know that you cannot always trust afterworks, sometimes they are the best thing that can happen during  your week but others is a total waste of time… in the case of Start-Up my Rooftop, they are using a rooftop and promising a good party so I decided to go around to see what´s cracking.

best rooftop afterwork in Barcelona

Anyway, every week by Thursday and after a few “arguments” with my boss I really need a drink and if I can meet some interesting people (and maybe my future husband) I am in! Said that, we will see you there!

More info here.


Everybody, move your body! Everybody, move your body! That´s the song a street artist used to sing in front of the Shepherds bush underground station in London and just remind me of this party


Gandaia is the Brazilian music party by excellence. If you are a party animal and like to move your skeleton with all kind of rhythms I think this is the party for you! Plus its Friday and you prefer to be outdoors rather than watching TV at home, I am just giving you the tool to a cooler life.

More info here.

P.S: love the cover design!


Art Lover Ground is a new project that was born and raised in London before moving to Barcelona. The founder, our friend Federica Desantis, started the idea a year ago as a hub and platform for European artist to exhibit their art.

alg afternoontea

Every event count with life performances in different areas as canvas, music, dancing or photography. Their first event in Barcelona was a couple of months ago and it was huge with more than 400 people coming around! I was helping them that day, you might know me as the crazy lady begging people to come back later because we couldn’t fit anyone else!

We hope to see you at this event as well and have a great time together!

More info about Art Lover Ground and their second event here.


Las weekend after a crazy Sunday going around Barcelona (SoundEat! and Terraza Martini) we ended up, God knows how at Caballa Canalla with some guys we met in Barceloneta. We were walking around the neighborhood (which I am totally in love with, no matter what people say about it), and saw a party going on at Caballa Canalla. Everybody inside were looking kind of similar so we thought it was a birthday party, thus we decided to “crush” the party…

best sunday parties in barcelona

It turned out there was no birth day party but a skaters and surfers party with lots of people having fun (some of them shirtless which I don’t really I understand yet). Obviously we couldn’t remember the exact place but knew that want to go back at some point.

Destiny put me this week in Barceloneta while looking for a new flat (something that is driving me insane) and as usual got lost (even using google map) and randomly found the place, yay! They have a very nice location, great terrace, music, food and a DJ every Sunday from 6pm, I hope you like it as much as we do!

More info about the place and how to find it here.

Now we are getting ready for the Brunch Electronic, let us know if you are around! It would be awesome if you could leave picture or comments of those places that we recommend and see what kind of events you like the most! ☮ & ♥