BARCELONA AGENDA 4.4.16-10.4.16

And so it is… we are here one more week to brighten your days in Barcelona! A lot of people are contacting us to talk about their events, restaurants, projects, etc and we are loving it. Everybody has been very supporting and kind and we just can say THANK YOU!

If you are starting or managing something that you think could be interesting for international people, please contact us to discuss about it and see how can we help you!

Well let´s get the agenda started!


Have you seen all the people doing sports by the beach? I´m going to tell you a secret… you can be one of them! Spring is here and days are longer so you don´t have any further excuses to finish work and go home to cry about how horrible Mondays are!

Beach-volleyball1  beach volley in Barcelona

Grab a few friends, a volley ball, and enjoy your free alcohol afterwork at Barceloneta beach. Can you think of a better plan for a Monday? We don´t…


Sala Apolo, apart from delighting us with great parties every weekend they keep innovating in the middle of the week as well. Our aim at Guiris en Barcelona is that you stop being a lazy ass and start enjoying the beauties of the city all week long! you don’t need to wait for the weekend! That´s why we love events like this one.

bala perduda

The battle of the bands “Bala Perduda” is a contest where different emerging bands will play for free and you, together with the industry professionals, will decide which the best band among them is.To pay off for such of a hard work Apolo will compensate you with a free beer at the end of the show!

More info here.


We really like this small Shorts Project in Poble Nou on Wednesday. They are bringing between 4 or 5 artist to present their short movies and have a discussion about their project, how was it born, the ideas behind and what do they want to express.

we love

They will be open to suggestions and the intention is to create community trough the different events that will come up along the year if it´s successful.

In order to confirm your free seat you need to sing up here.


We went to Amarre 69 during Easter and we loved the place. The location couldn’t be any better, close to the Barceloneta beach, so it´s perfect for the spring and summer nights. The staff is super friendly, they kept up with our friends so chapeau for them!


What I like the most is that they have theme nights, so every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday they have something different waiting for you. On Thursdays they do Rock Classics nights  while you have some dinner or just a couple of drinks 😉


YOU LOVE TAPAS and we know it, that´s why we always introduce some culinary option on the Guiris Agenda. The initiative from Hotel Tapa Tour is great because it gives you the chance to do some kind of posh bar crawl around the city and get inside the different hotels without feeling weird ( I mean, who goes to a hotel to eat regularly if you are not travelling, right?)


Tapas price goes around 4 and 8 euros including drinks. There will be a judge that will choose the best tapas among the 31 hotels. The coolest part is that you can vote as well and they have a “solidarity tapa”, which money will be donated to 20 different social and environmental causes.

Here is the extra info about the hotels participating.


MACBA keeps innovating every week and that´s so refreshing for a city as Barcelona! I passed by last Friday evening and they were throwing a big party with Dj´s, lighting and a lot of people queuing to get in.


From the 15th of January until the 26th of July  MACBA and the CCCB propose a new activity space for visitors aged between 14 and 18 years old every Saturday. The plan is that young people use the spaces from both centers in a series of programs and activities in order to involve them into the metropolitan area and build a special bond with El Raval. We will take a look next weekend to see what´s cracking over there 😉

Loooking for more info? @habitacio1418


Last time that we went to the Barcelona Vintage Market it was super windy so we hope the weather will come along this weekend and we can enjoy the Sunday Market with all the stands and a Moritz in our hand.

vintage market

One of the things that I like the most about this market is that anyone can go and sell anything they please. Most of the marketers have online shops where they sell their creations without the need of having anything physical.

I love going around and chatting with them about how they make their stuff and trying to get new ideas. They are always super friendly and excited to talk about their work 🙂


That´s it for this week, we will be back next week with more and better plans ☮ & ♥