BARCELONA AGENDA 21.3.16-27.3.16

We are so excited about the upcoming bank holiday!! Time to get some rest and enjoy a few days of vacation. Here in Spain the holiday comes by the hand of “Semana Santa”, where Catholics recreate in the street the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is supposed to be a few days of reflection and well behavior but the truth is that everybody put on their best clothes and go to the street to eat and drink with friends and family. If you want to experience the real tradition we recommend you to go to south Spain, where you can live it to the fullest.
For those staying in Barcelona, we will never forget about you! As usual, we are bringing a new alternative agenda with a different plan for everyday of the week 😉


Sorry guys but this Monday is dedicated to girls, or if you are into makeup, this is for you as well! MAC is celebrating the beginning of spring (yeah never trust the weather forecast) with the launch of their flamingo collection.

Plaza Cataluña

They will receive you with sweets and other surprises. We think is quite of a cool plan to fight against the usual boring Monday. And if your girlfriend forces you to go with her you can always escape to the Fnac shop!


Tuesday 22nd of March is the free debut of the exhibition Making Africa, where 120 African artists and creators show us their perspective of the world in different disciplines as design, art, photography, architecture and film.

making africa exhibition in barcelona

CCCB Montalegre, 5, 08001 

This new exhibition is coming to Barcelona for a few months but we always like to go to the debut and be the first ones talking about it #FMO


We usually recommend you new things to do for the evening so its easier to go when you finish work. This week we decided to include a different plan for lunch in Barcelona. Our friends from DosTrece Raval invited us to visit their restaurant the other day and we loved it!

dostrece restaurant in raval     dostrece restaurant mains     dostrece lunch menu
Carrer Carme, 40, 08001 Barcelona

The menu apart from being super affordable it’s quite creative and incredible yummy. We really like the Frida Khalo theme of the place and they are renting the venue for exhibitions and celebrations. We know how innovative and creative Barcelona is so this might be the perfect place for your upcoming events! They do everything from brunch, lunch menu, after work, dinner and cocktails… can you ask anything else to a place?



Let´s celebrate together our holiday at Marula Café! They always have the best music for you to enjoy your Barcelona’s nights. What a better occasion to visit them than the beginning of the bank holiday? I specially like them because they started supporting emerging musicians and after a short period of time they are one of the main music references in Barcelona.

Thursday party at Marula Cafe Barcelona

Carrer dels Escudellers, 49, 08002

We always try to give you good advise and free things, so if you are a Marula’s lover follow this link to get the Marula card for discount on drinks, free guard-rove,  private parties and many more. Enjoy it!

FRIDAY 25.3.16 | EL ROW

If you decided to stay in Barcelona and enjoy the events going on around the city, you cannot miss out El Row. Do you you like Brunch Electronic? If the answer is yes you will love this party that is bigger, crazier and sexier.

el row easter party

The organizers go absolute nuts with every party, changing themes, costumes and bringing incredible new Dj´s. This is the line up for Friday´s party:

          CLAPTONE                                  CUARTERO               Fineheartz
          MATADOR                                   HOT SINCE 82          Eric Leib
          MIKE DUNN MARC MAYA      TONI VARGA            Carlo Gossa
          GEORGE PRIVATTI                    MARIO BIANI           Oscar de Gala
          EDDY M                                        BASTIAN BUX          Shyr Khan
          BAUM                                            ALEX POTT               Alex Delatorre
          ION PANANIDES                        TINI GESSLER          Normar

More info about the party and Tickets here.


We went to Bormuth (which is a bar in Barcelona, not a city in the English coast) a couple of weeks ago. We went there with some friends from Madrid and we can gladly recommend it. Food was incredible, service super friendly and we loved the environment.

tapas at bormuth   menu and wine at bormuth restaurant barcelona
Plaça Comercial, 1, 08003

We were quite surprise about the mix because they serve quiet traditional tapas but most of their clientele was international (full of guiris). Thus Bormuth was the perfect place for us on a Saturday Night. If you are planning to have a super cheap night out maybe it’s not your place but it’s totally worth it.


This recommendation comes from one of my friends. He frequently goes to Martinez and he loves it. If you have a car you are lucky because you will need it to go there, another option is taxi or if you want to enjoy your sunny Sunday you can walk there. We walked around Montjuic Castle, saw the port from the hill end ended up here to have a couple of drinks.

terraza martinez

Martinez have the best views in Barcelona by far, the atmosphere is quite chic and prices go accordingly with the quality of the food that they serve and the spectacular view at the restaurant. They have a DJ set all day and part of the night. Perfect plan for your Easter Sunday!


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