BARCELONA AGENDA 29.2.16-6.3.16

What an exciting week is coming up! It was soooo difficult to choose an event every day! I am working on a website so I will be able to show you more than 7 events per week. Coming up soon!


Violeta Arús was elected as one of the best tattoo artist in 2015. Even if she only shares her work through Facebook and Instagram everybody is talking about her.

violeta ar1    violeta ar2

For all the ink lovers, The Gallery Tatto is bringer her on Monday for a session in the shop. You can try to book a time slot through email, phone  931422488, or Whats App 659775812. Another option is going to the shop and check what´s going on there.


Since this is going to be an intense week I´ll keep it quiet for Tuesday and recommend you to get lost around El Raval.

where is el raval?
Raval Map

If you are following the blog you probably noticed that I am totally in love with this area of Barcelona, but, who doesn’t??  El Raval was known as the “Barcelona China Town” and was quite infamous for its nightlife, cabarets and prostitution. Now a days it´s full of cool bars and amazing author and innovative shops, still a bit dodgy but charming 😉


Winesday is how you call it! Perfect plan for the middle of the week to put down the stress your boss is giving you.

wine tasting 2

Passatge de Lluís Pellicer, 13, 08036 Barcelona

Crepería bretona Le p’ty mon  is organizing a wine tasting with a sommelier participating in Micheline restaurants. Looks a bit posh and they only have a few seats so if you are into this kind of events hurry up!

For bookings follow this link.


Mutek is organizing its 7th  International Festival of Digital Creativity. There will be different events and parties around the city. On Thursday the show will take place at Fabrica Estrella Damm and Nitsa Club.


During the 4 days and nights there will be a mix of musical performances combined with electronic internationally recognized artist , illumination, audio-visual presentations, workshops and many more activities.

Check out their agenda here.


Las weekend we had the IPA Beer Festival and this one we can enjoy the biggest beer festival in Barcelona. My mouth is melting already!

barcelona beer festival

Museu Marítim de Barcelona/ Avda. de les Drassanes

The festival will take place from the 4th  until the 6th of March. It´s not like October fest but it will be sunnier!


And they are back!! We went to the market last month and absolutely loved it! All the stands there are marvelous, people super friendly and you can make some dance moves while you shop around or have some drinks.

palto1      palto2     palto3

Or if you you can multitask you can do everything at the same time 😉

Palo Alto Market Pictures


This is the party that everybody was waiting for!! The organizers from Brunch Electronic take over Poble Spanyol for the best day party in Barcelona.

brunch electronic

Poble Espanyol Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia 18, 08038 Barcelona 

It’s a day full of music, food and culture. They start at 12 and finish at 10pm. During those hours you can have a walk around the Poble Spanyol, explore the different “neighborhoods” and their foods plus enjoy best international Dj´s. Here is the line-up for you:

  • 16.00h a 17.30h Kyle Hall (US)
  • 17.30h a 19.00h TERRENCE PARKER The International DJ Extraordinaire (US)
  • 19.00h a 20.30h Kevin Saunderson (US)
  • 20.30h a 22.00h Carl Craig (US)

I hope you like the selection for this week and you have the time and energy to follow it!

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