BARCELONA AGENDA 8.5.17- 14.5.17

My dearest Guiris, we are very excited to keep seeing this small and crazy project grow every week. Last Thursday we attended the Start up my rooftop networking event and it was great! The guys from Barcelona City Fm did a small interview to us and we got to spend some time with the guys from Trybe and many other super interesting start-ups. We meet in person some of our readers and people that attended the event following our recommendations, and this is the most rewarding experience that can happen to us!

For this upcoming week we are doing a big focus on art, there are a few pretty cool opening exhibitions and since we could not choose among them we decided to include them all! As usual we try to bring to the expat community and travelers the best events happening in the city, always trying to support starting business, young entrepreneurs and local commerce. We always try to go a bit deeper and find out what´s behind all of those events so you can see if they adapt to your life style and interests.
Excited to find out what´s on this week?