BARCELONA AGENDA 10.4.17 – 16.4.17

So finally, Easter break with 4 lovely days to explore. It is not very often that we say this but, stay away from Barcelona!

Just kidding, last year we spent these four days enjoying the city with no worries about work and doing touristic stuff and we absolutely loved it. We went to eat out every day, attended a couple of concerts, went to the beach and got some rest, because Barcelona has soooo much to offer that why would you need to go anywhere else.

But it´s true that Spain is spectacular so now on a serious note we would recommend for you to go out and explore a bit. We are going to south Spain, Almería where I come from. What my mates don´t know is that the city and surroundings are pretty quiet and it´s a place to enjoy and relax (they think we are going for a drunks trip, hehehe).

If you decide to stay here, no matter what, we have prepared a mixed agenda with some food, good music and some activities outside the city so you can find the perfect excuse to leave your comfy house!

We hope you like it! ?