BARCELONA AGENDA 13.11.17 – 19.11.17

Barcelona is like a soft addiction, once you visit the city once you feel the urge to come back, and for most of us, to make it our home.

It is very easy to feel like you belong to this vibrant city with such a huge range of culture and fun activities. Every year it seems like the creative mind of the city outdoes itself and we keep finding amazing projects and new businesses every week. During the fall season Barcelona´s council receives lots of cultural activities and for example, an amazing way to explore this part part of Barcelona is through the different libraries and casals around the city. Most of the activities are in Catalan or Spanish so it´s the perfect way to lose the fear of learning a new language.

From our end, one of our soft spots is music and if you have been following our plans you know we like to find new bands every week, especially those homegrown numbers. Check out the plans from Thursday to Sunday to discover our latest treasures!

As for our agenda of plans, we have a Thai Cooking class on Thursday with the guys from Wo Kitchen and on Sunday we will present some of the coolest art spaces around Barcelona during the Bananas Brazilean Festival in Arteria.

Last but not least, remember that you can get your FREE Guiri Discount Card to enjoy some of the coolest and most alternative venues and activities in Barcelona for LESS!

See you around mateys!


Gema Leyton.