If you are looking for a cool city where to celebrate your New Year´s Eve spending some time out and not freezing at the same time, your place is Barcelona. As usual, there are thousands of plans to enjoy this special night around the city and since we like to propose things to do for everybody´s taste here is our selection 😉



We love this place and the different options they always propose. For this New Year´s eve you can delight in their amazing dinner and stay until late enjoying their incredible bunker´s party.

The dinner will be quite Spanish with a touch of international cousin including some Jamón 5J, tartar, delicatessen and a couple of starters to choose from sirloin stake or sea bream.

The music will come from Golfo de Guinea until midnight, time to go downstairs and meet the party animals coming specially to the underground party.

Dinner is 85€ per person . If you only want to join the party is 35€ with 2 drinks included 😉

More info here.



Most of the people in Spain spends this night at home with family and friends, but if you are looking for a nice and romantic dinner this is your plan. We love Caribbean food, and more if they put as much care as the guys from Macondo. The menu looks incredible (not affordable for every pocket I have to say) but if you are not planning to go out and party like crazy looks like a lovely plan.

Apart from the dinner, which I am sure will be from another world, there will be some live Caribbean music by the hand of Son Salao´, drinks, party decoration and the traditional 12 grapes (you have to eat them for a lucky 2017!).

Price: 75€ per person

More info here.

If you are looking for a different kind of nigh there is a site that shows different restaurants open during New Year´s eve  with many food and entertainment options 😉


There is no New Year´s Eve without fireworks, and Barcelona are experts on that. Every year, thousands of people meet at the Magic Fountains in Montjuic to welcome the New Year attending the greatest event in the city with music, performances, fireworks, and the water show.

Apparently, the party going on after that at Poble Espanyol is pretty good, many people attending the show at the Magic Fountain heads there after the twelve chimes for a full night of party outdoors.


If you are looking for a place with style to have a few drinks and celebrate the New Year, one of our favorite places in Barcelona is preparing a great night for everybody´s enjoyment and the best party eveh!

They have an amazing dinner menu, unfortunately they are already fully booked. No worries, Guzzo are quite famous for their cocktails as well.

The music will follow their characteristic style with black rhythms from soul and funk to salsa and mambo. The best thing is that they are in the heart of Barcelona so for sure the atmosphere will be amazing around that area!

More info here.


I think we all agree that is not cool to pay more than double of the price to get in some clubs for New Year´s than the rest of the year, and to be fair I am not personally happy to pay to get into a club any day so that´s why we tried to find some free or quite cheap options to have a happy night without spending the whole salary 😉


Those guys have their opening first anniversary on the 31st and have decided to celebrate it with all of you with free entrance.

For the 30 first people arriving to the place there will be some cava and free shots. The venue looks beautiful, with a great terrace that will be open as well to welcome everybody to their party.

More info here.


For those who won´t skip a cultural opportunity even for New Year´s there is  a party for you at La Virgen Despacho de Cultura.

They had to close for a while but now there are reopening on the most special night of the year bringing a party with interesting people, leisure, culture, anti-culture and transgression.

Entrance is only 5€ to get the membership card and a free beer 😉

More info here.


If you are more of an 80´s and 90´s kid and your favorite way of having fun is dancing to the rhythms of Spandou Ballet and young Madonna, this is your place.

A bit far from the city center, that´s true, but they have two different rooms and it´s only 20€ with two drinks 😉

More info here.


If you are looking for a fun and different New Year´s your place is probably Noche Vieja en Tanga, at Safari Disco Club.

There are several range of tickets (depending how much you want to drink), two different rooms and some crazy time.

More info here.


We keep recommending this place because we love the concept, bringing a new style of electronic music night to Barcelona and for us, one of the best options for the most special night of the year.Tickets are still quite affordable and it´s guaranteed that the night will go on until late;)

More info here.


For the ones that think and feel that 6 hours party is not enough there are some interesting after parties on Sunday that you cannot miss out. The biggest one is Elrow, and as you can imagine is already sold out, maybe you can try to beg someone to give you their tickets :p


This is for the strong ones, starts at 6 in the afternoon, so you have two options, party all long until you join this party or maybe  just join  after a few hours sleep.

From 6 until 10 the entrance is only 7€ with a drink and after that is 12€ 😉

More info here.


Party from 6pm until 12am, this time at the other side of the city. Razzmatazz is opening it´s doors to Insert for you to burn the last energies accumulated from 2016 and start all fresh the 2017!

More info here.

We hope you find this agenda useful and you have the best New Year´s ever in this incredible city. Cheers for incredible year ahead and Happy New year to all our friends around The World!