BARCELONA AGENDA 15.5.17- 21.5.17

As you have probably noticed, this spring weather is a little crazy! So don´t you come to me and say that the climate change is not a thing!

OK, I have been outside Spain for a few years but I´ve never seen the weather so crazy before. Our immediate solution (since we cannot change governments or corporations around the world in one blog) is to be Earth conscious, make small changes every day and enjoy the days when the sun is out (but preferably bring an umbrella with you just in case).

This week it was veeery difficult to come up with the agenda because there were too many plans that we caught our eye and choosing from them was hell, especially on Saturday! Nevertheless I think we did a pretty good job, hopefully you think so to!

Also, on Wednesday we are having the Artisan Beer tasting and Mexican Food event. So if you wanna bond over some fancy beers and have a good time together, we will be there. Then on Thursday we will be at Hotel Petit Palace Museum having an interview with Katrina Logie and drinking some glorious Gin 😉

See you around!