BARCELONA AGENDA 1.5.17- 7.5.17

This week there are lots of outdoors plans and we are super excited about it!!! As a good southerner and how I like to reflect it on my dating apps I love spending time under the sun and checking things around so this is it, I created an agenda dedicated to myself (joking, I was thinking about you as well!).
But to be fair, the best thing about the week is that Monday is bank holidays so most of the people don´t have to work (no our case, we are on the spot 24/7 but we will find the time to chill a bit). Our recommendation, do something easy on Monday and keep some energies because the week presents itself quite cool.

The past couple of weeks we have meet some of you in person through our events and it was soooo much fun! From now on we are aiming to do between 3 to 5 collaborations events per month to see your pretty faces and have some fun together.

So far the guys from the spaces we are collaborating with are very impressed about the people meeting there and their attitude, I tell them it´s normal, this is what happens when you hang out with international people! 😉
I do a lot of talking, or in this case, writing so I stop and let you enjoy the agenda for the week!