BARCELONA AGENDA 27.3.17 – 2.4.17

Welcome spring your weather is insane but you are officially here!
We hope one of those weird clouds does not come to stay long to destroy our happiness. We just want sun and beach to enjoy our free time outdoors in the beautiful streets of Barcelona.

This is going to be our second spring season in Barcelona. I still remember going to the beach for a burger in Bacoa when the weather started to improve and talking about how lucky we were to live in a city like this. We are glad to see that a year after we feel exactly the same (after 5 years in London the sun becomes your biggest treasure!).
To celebrate this happines we came up with a pretty “Spanish agenda” this week based on food, drinks and music. There is obviously a bit of art and exercising but we thought it would be nice to welcome the new season in a Spanish way 😉
We hope you enjoy the selection for this week. See you around!